Doctoral Candidates and Postdoctoral Fellows: Archive of News Items

FASS has long-standing PhD programs in Classics, English, French, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and Social Anthropology, and has hosted postdoctoral fellows with funding from SSHRC and the Killam Trusts. Below are a selection of news items about some of their research accomplishments. Some departments have profiles of current graduate students with details on their research: see English, French, Philosophy, and Political Science.

In the News: FASS Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research

February 2016:  PhD Cross-Currents Panel on "Creed, Currency, and Credibility," after special scholarship announcement.

November 2015:  SOSA Banting postdoctoral fellow, Jeremy Schmidt, wins the national Impact Award (Talent) for his research on "water management, ethics, and environmental governance."

July 2015:  SOSA PhD Candidate Diana Lewis appointed program coordinator for new Minor in Indigenous Studies.

April 2015: Philosophy PhD graduate Warren Heiti is selected as Dalhousie's nominee for the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies Distinguished Dissertation Award for his dissertation, "An Ethics of Attention."

April 2015: English PhD candidate Kala Hirtle is 2nd runner-up in Dalhousie's 3MT competition: watch her three-minute thesis presentation on her dissertation, "Altered States of Consciousness: Gender, Nineteenth Century Medical Discourse, and Gothic Literature."

August 2013:  History PhD candidate Mark Leeming on his research into Nova Scotian environmentalism (1970-1985).

May 2013:  Political Science PhD candidate, David Morgan, awarded a prestigious Trudeau Doctoral Scholarship for his research on "international and local understandings of civilian protection."