Doctoral Candidates and Postdoctoral Fellows: Archive of News Items

FASS has long-standing PhD programs in Classics, English, French, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and Social Anthropology, and has hosted postdoctoral fellows with funding from SSHRC and the Killam Trusts.

Several FASS PhD candidates have been selected as OpenThinkers: an initiative established in 2020 by the Faculty of Graduate Studies that gives PhD students the skills and platforms to share their ideas with the world.

Below are a selection of news items about some of their research accomplishments. Some departments have profiles of current graduate students with details on their research: see English, French, Philosophy, and Political Science.

In the News: FASS Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research

May 2022: Political Science PhD candidate, Tobias Gerhard Schminke, whose research focuses on comparative politics: elections, voting intention, political parties, party systems, and transnational party integration, is Dalhousie's newest Pierre Elliott Trudeau scholar.

October 2021: History PhD candidate, Holly Dickinson explores the history of women’s health and wellness and the birth experience. 

May 2021: PhD candidate, Tari Ajadi combines academia and activism in his work to transform Canada’s health care systems to address inequalities faced by minorities. Tari was part of the first cohort of the Dalhousie University OpenThink Initiative (see articles by Tari).

August 2017: Philosophy PhD student, Tiffany Gordon, an advocate for the rights of incarcerated people, researches the broad topic of democracy and the way inequality is experienced by women, Indigenous people, and people of colour in Canada. Tiffany was part of the first cohort of the Dalhousie University OpenThink Initiative (see articles by Tiffany). 

February 2016:  PhD Cross-Currents Panel on "Creed, Currency, and Credibility," after special scholarship announcement.

April 2015: English PhD candidate Kala Hirtle is 2nd runner-up in Dalhousie's 3MT competition: watch Kala's three-minute thesis presentation on her dissertation, "Altered States of Consciousness: Gender, Nineteenth Century Medical Discourse, and Gothic Literature."

August 2013:  History PhD candidate Mark Leeming on his research into Nova Scotian environmentalism (1970-1985).

May 2013:  Political Science PhD candidate, David Morgan, awarded a prestigious Trudeau Doctoral Scholarship for his research on "international and local understandings of civilian protection."