In the News


This unique instrument has been featured in a number of different news stories over the past few years. 

  • CBC's Paul Withers and EOS Science News by AGU covered the published study by Dr. Jannes Koelling and Dr. Dariia Atamanchuk about the discovery of oxygen injection into the deep water currents of the Labrador Sea over a five month period.

  • CBC's Paul Withers covered the findings of the published study about higher-than-expected oxygen level in Labrador Sea from the observation of Seacycler's 1st deployment. Check out the article HERE.
  • A study from Seacycler 1st deployment is published in Nature GeoSciences, which can be accessed HERE.
  • SeaCycler was successfully recovered onboard the German vessel, the Maria S. Merian in June 2017, read about it in an article from our team HERE, or an article from the CBC on the recovery HERE.
  • Dasha Atamanchuk outlines the importance of quality control and in situ calibration of SeaCycler's instrumentation in a blog post HERE.
  • Following SeaCycler's successful deployment in the Labrador Sea, we have our first video and data has begun to be collected. To read more, click HERE.
  • SeaCycler has been successfully deployed in the Labrador Sea. For the 1st details, click HERE. Check back for more photos, videos, and a webpage where data can be viewed as soon as possible.
  • CBC's Paul Withers covered the SeaCycler's successful deployment in Bedford Basin in April 2016, in advance of its year-long deployment in the Labrador Sea in May 2016. Check out this article HERE, which features a video interview with members of our team and the SeaCycler being deployed in Bedford Basin. 
  • SeaCycler had another succesful test in Bedford Basin in August of 2015 in advance of its first deployment in the Labrador Sea, this artcile can be accessed HERE