SeaCycler Sensors

SeaCycler will profile the following sensors to the surface from a depth of 150m every 20 hours for a full year.

Measurement Brand Instrument
CTD Seabird SBE 19plus V2 SeaCAT
Oxygen Seabird SBE 43
Oxygen Seabird SBE 63
Oxygen Aanderaa Oxygen Optode 4330
CO2 ProOceanus CO2 ProCV
CO2 Aanderaa pCO2 Optode
Nitrates Satlantic Deep SUNA
Velocity Nortek AquaDopp DW w/
Sym. Head
Downwelling Irradiance
Satlantic PAR modified for 490 nm
Transmittance Wetlabs C-Star RED (650 nm)
Fluorescence Wetlabs ECO FLBBCD (CHL, 700nm, CDOM)