Research Staff

Douglas Wallace

PhD Oceanography CERC Chairholder

Dariia Atamanchuk

PhD Natural Sciences, Marine Chemistry Post-doctoral Fellow
Daniela Turk PhD Oceanography Senior Science Manager & Research Scientist

Engineering Team

Greg Siddall Mechanical Engineer Project Manager & Mechanical Lead
Jeremy Lai Electrical Engineer Electrical Lead
Michael Vining Electronic Engineering Technician Electical and Mechanical Assembly and Testing
Dan Kehoe Mechanical Engineering Technologist Mechanical Design
Jesse David Mechatronics Engineer Mechanical Design Support

Data Team

Brad Covey Data Manager  Data Team Lead 
Ryan Gosse  Data Manager   
Mimi Cahill     


Madeleine Beese BA Student Sociology
Derek Boudreau BSc Student Ocean Science and Marine Biology
Cailin Burmaster
BSc Hon Student
Marine Biology and Oceanography
Lindsey Devers BSc Student Marine Biology
Ben Scott BSc Student Chemistry
Alex Cerra BSc Student Ocean Science