Costs & Fees

No bills. No worries.

Staying in residence is a bit like staying at an all-inclusive resort. Your accommodation, WiFi, heat, water, electricity and, for those in a traditional residence, meals are paid for upfront, so you don't have to worry about bills while you're here.

Meal Plan Changes for 2024/25

We are excited to announce changes to our residence meal plans for the upcoming academic year. After careful consideration, we have decided to discontinue the 10 meal, 14 meal, and 19 meal options and, instead, exclusively offer the Freedom Plan. We believe that by focusing solely on the Freedom Plan, we can provide you with a more flexible and enjoyable dining experience.

Please note: that for students assigned to LeMarchant Place, there will be two additional meal plan choices available: a 155 meal block plan and a 217 meal block plan.

This adjustment allows us to streamline our offerings and concentrate on providing you with a variety of exciting meals and enhanced service options. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to improve your overall residence and dining hall experience.

Residence & Meal Plan Rates & Fees: 2024/25 academic year

Traditional Residences

Popular with undergraduate students, traditional residences include both single and double (roommate) rooms. A meal plan is mandatory for all traditional residences.

Traditional Residence Room Type Fall Winter Total
Howe Hall Single $4,851.09 $4,983.91 $9,835
Double $4,284.38 $4,401.60 $8,686
Bunk Double $3,037.54 $3,120.46 $6,158
Loft Double $3,748.76 $3,851.24 $7,600
Super Single $5,022.72 $5,160.28 $10,183
Howe Hall, Fountain House Single $5,048.37 $5,186.63 $10,235
Mini Residence Single $4,776.05 $4,906.95 $9,683
Double $4,209.84 $4,325.16 $8,535
Shirreff Hall Single $4,826.09 $4,958.91 $9,785
Double $4,259.38 $4,376.62 $8,636
Super Single $4,997.72 $5,135.28 $10,133
Loft Double $3,723.76 $3,825.24 $7,550
Risley Hall Single $5,023.37 $5,161.63 $10,185
Double $4,259.38 $4,376.62 $8,636
Loft Double $3,723.76 $3,826.24 $7,550
LeMarchant Place Single room or room in any suite $5,464.64 $5,614.36 $11,079
Gerard Hall Single $4,738.79 $4,869.21 $9,608
Super Single $4,865.05 $4,998.95 $9,864
Double $4,165.67 $4,280.33 $8,446
Loft Double $3,674.43 $3775.57 $7,450

Non-Traditional Residences

These apartment-style residences offer many of the advantages of residence life such as access to residence programs and facilities, and the option to purchase a meal plan.

Non-Traditional Residence
Room Type
Glengary Apartments
$5,784.89 $5,944.11 $11,729
Single   $4,907.96 $5,043.04 $9,951
Double $4,501.06 $4,624.94 $9,126
Graduate House Single $4,836.94 $4,970.06 $9,807

Non-Traditional residences include the option to purchase a meal plan. See Food & Dining to learn more.

Meal Plan Options

Plan description Fall
Freedom Plan: An unlimited swipe plan. In other words, all you care to eat, as many times as you like while the dining hall is open. Includes $200 in Food Bucks to be spent on and off campus ($100 per term). $2,731.78 $2,804.22 $5,536
Block Plan 1: (LeMarchant Place students only) 217 meals to be used any time throughout the academic year. (Equivalent to 7 meals/week). Includes $200 in Food Bucks that can be redeemed at participating DalCard food outlets.     $4,334.47
Block Plan 2: (LeMarchant Place students only) 155 meals to be used any time throughout the academic year. (Equivalent to 5 meals/week). Includes $200 in Food Bucks that can be redeemed at participating DalCard food outlets.

See Food & Dining to learn more.


Please note: meal plans are selected at the time you accept your room offer and will be charged to your student account with your residence fee. Residence students do not need to purchase a meal plan separately. Please contact the Residence Office if you'd like to change your meal plan during the year.


Things to Know

  • Residence rates are subject to change without notice. 
  • Residence rates vary depending on the location and style of accommodation. 
  • For all traditional residences a meal plan is mandatory.
  • Non-Traditional residences do not include a meal plan, but one can be purchased through Dalhousie Food Services. See Food & Dining to learn more.
  • Residence fees include dedicated high-speed Internet access and Eastlink Stream, a streaming entertainment service. Traditional HD cable is also available in TV lounges. See WiFi, TV & Phone to learn more.
  • Prices listed do not include the non-refundable $50 application fee.
  • All fees are quoted per student, not per room.
  • Food Bucks are funds included with your Meal Plan (see above) to provide you with more dining options. The amount of Food Bucks you have access to varies depending on your Meal Plan. Food Bucks can be used to pay for food and non-alcoholic beverages at select food vendors where DalCard is accepted. There are several accounts on your DalCard. Whenever you use your DalCard at a participating food vendor, the funds will be withdrawn from your Food Bucks account first, and then from your general Dal Dollars account, if additional funds are needed. Learn more about your DalCard accounts.
Effective September 1, 2009, Dalhousie no longer accepts credit cards for payment of tuition and residence fees. All other payment options remain unchanged and credit cards can still be used for most other university expenses such as application fees, deposits, as well as purchases at the University Bookstores and Dalplex. The University recognizes that this change may present an inconvenience to students. Should you find yourself facing an unexpected financial challenge as a result of this change or have questions about your account, please contact Student Accounts at (902) 494-3998 or email