Use My DalCard


The convenience of one card

Your DalCard is your all-access pass to campus life. Use your DalCard at the following on-campus shops and services. See the full list of where the DalCard is accepted.

For more information about your DalCard as your bus pass (UPass), visit the UPass website.


Use your DalCard On Campus

Athletic Facilities

Your DalCard will be your membership and access card to the Dalplex and Sexton athletic facilities.

Dalhousie University Bookstore

Visit the any of the Dal Bookstore locations for textbooks, school supplies, DalGear, and more. Pay with your DalCard in person or online and earn 5% back on your purchases! 

Building Access

Your DalCard may also be your key to access your academic and/or residence building.

Need access not currently on your card? 

  • Academic Buildings: contact your department/faculty administrator
  • Residence Buildings: contact the Residence Office


If you are a Dalhousie residence student, use your DalCard to pay for select residence washers and dryers in your building - no coins needed!

Library Services

You'll need your DalCard to sign out books from Dal’s libraries. You can also use your DalCard to print and make photocopies at the libraries. 

On-Campus Food and Beverage

DalCard can be used at the residence meal halls, campus retail food locations and select snack and beverage vending machines.

Please be advised that Dalhousie is moving towards proof of full vaccination requirements over the winter term. If you are a student, staff or faculty member intending to purchase a meal plan, you must be registered in the Campus Check system and be fully vaccinated or compliant with Campus Check requirements in order to access dining halls at Dalhousie.



On-Campus Services

These offices all accept your DalCard for select services and fees:

Printing and Photocopying

Use your DalCard to print and make photocopies at select printers on campus. Load money on your DalCard no coins needed!

Click here for the link to Papercut to enable this service with your DalCard.

Use your DalCard off-campus

Several Halifax restaurantsgrocery storespharmacies, and convenience stores also accept DalCard. See the full list of off-campus vendors.