Terms & Conditions

What you need to know about your DalCard

By accepting or utilizing any of the services available with the DalCard, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions which govern the use of the DalCard.

Use of the DalCard

  • You will not allow someone else to use your DalCard for identification, access, financial, or any other reason. This includes performing transactions at the DalCard Offices on your behalf (e.g. picking up a UPass). 
  • The DalCard remains the property of the University and must be returned to Dalhousie immediately upon request. Dalhousie can cancel or revoke your DalCard at any time.
  • Your DalCard must be shown on demand to any officer or agent of the University. 
  • Your DalCard photo can be used for authorized University purposes.

Issuing your DalCard

  • The upload of your Government Issued Photo ID is a verification step used by the DalCard team as we approve your submitted photo and produce your DalCard. All data from this upload is stored securely in an encrypted format on the MyPhoto system at Dalhousie University in Halifax until the verification step is completed. The duration of this part of the process may vary, but for September cards, the process is normally completed by August 31. The data is automatically purged once the photo is approved, no copies are retained in our system. 
  • Accepted government-issued photo ID includes: passport, driver's license or provincial/state ID card, military ID card, provincial health card with photo, etc. Identification cards issued by high schools, post-secondary institutions, and hospitals are not considered government-issued. 
  • The colour of your DalCard is determined by your primary affiliation with the University and cannot be modified. Card colours: student/graduate student/resident - green, staff - blue, faculty - purple, courtesy access and language school - gold.
  • You cannot have more than one DalCard at any time. If you have two or more affiliations with the University (e.g. both staff/faculty and student), your staff/faculty affiliation will take priority and you will be issued with a staff or faculty DalCard. A student validation sticker will be issued upon request to staff and faculty who are also Dalhousie students.
  • Cardholders whose change in affiliation entitles them to a new DalCard cannot also keep their earlier DalCard(s). For example, if you finish your undergraduate studies and move on to graduate studies, you cannot keep your undergraduate card as a momento if you have a graduate student card issued.

Lost/Stolen/Damaged DalCards

  • If your DalCard is lost or stolen, you must notify the DalCard Office (business hours - 902-494-2334) or Security (after-hours 902-494-6400) immediately. You are responsible for all transactions until your DalCard is reported missing. You should also deactivate your DalCard online through your myDalCard account.
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged DalCards are subject to a $25* replacement fee. Lost, stolen, or damaged UPass stickers are subject to an additional $25* replacement fee. Replacement fees are due at the time of replacement (cash, credit, and debit accepted). Replacement fees cannot be charged to a student account.
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged DalCards cannot be reactivated once a new DalCard has been issued. You will not receive a refund if you pay to have a new DalCard issued and then later find your original DalCard.

DalCard Financial Transactions

  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco purchases are not permitted on the DalCard.
  • Dalhousie does not make any representations or warranties concerning the quality of goods or services purchased using the DalCard and Dalhousie shall not be liable for any damages or expenses by reason of death or injury or damage resulting from the goods or services purchased using the DalCard. 
  • If your DalCard is in an overdraft position, you are responsible to pay that balance to Dalhousie immediately. 
  • As a debit account DalCard user you may be eligible for a refund on DalDollars and Bookstore Dollars balances remaining on your card at the end of term. Foodbucks and 5% back funds are not available for refund. There will be a $25 administrative charge to process any refund. 
  • Cash withdrawals are not allowed. 
  • Any accounts that have been dormant for two (2) years beyond the expiration date of the account will be deemed inactive, and any funds remaining will revert to the Dalhousie University DalCard Office. 

Questions about your DalCard? 

DalCard Office
6230 Coburg Road (beside Howe Hall)
902.494.2334 | 1.855.376.0330 (toll free in North America)
Email: dalcard@dal.ca (include your B00 number)
See our hours of operation.


* Beginning Sept. 1, 2023