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Student Health Checklist

Keep your health in-check

Have you ever heard the saying, "Sound body, sound mind?" It means if you keep yourself physically healthy, you'll feel better and your brain will function a whole lot better. And that's vital to help you thrive at Dal. 

Steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Learn more about the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) Health & Dental Plans

DSU health card_579x350

Dal students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the DSU Health & Dental Plan. International students are also automatically enrolled in and billed for the DSU International Health Plan. Learn more at studentvip.ca/dsu
and internationalhealth.ca/dsu

Pick up your health card from the DSU Health Plan Office

All students who are covered under the DSU Health Plan(s) should pick-up their health insurance card when they arrive on campus from the DSU Health Plan Office, located in Student Services in the Dairy Building.

Stop by Student Health Services for a free STI screening

Mental Health

One of the services offered by Student Health Services is free STI screenings. If you are not showing symptoms, simply walk-in and see the nurse. If you are, make an appointment and see a doctor. 

Connect with a Peer Ally (LGBTQ+) for support on Rainbow issues


Dal Allies exist to support students, staff, and faculty of the Rainbow community. Visit their website for:

  • A listing of Allies on campus
  • Instructions on how to become an Ally
  • Dal's Peer Ally contact information
  • Gender-neutral washroom locations
  • Student Health Services information
  • Additional resources

Take a tour of the Dal AC's fitness facilities to learn more about what you have access to


Your Langille Athletic Centre membership (included in your student fees) gives you access to: weight room equipment, bikes, stair climbers, ellipticals, treadmills, and rowers in the cardio room. A double gymnasium, racquetball and squash courts are also available for use.  Fitness classes are also available through the week for free!

Find a fitness class that works with your schedule


The Langille Athletic Centre offers Fitness Classes and programs led by a team of top quality and energetic instructors. Find a class that works with your schedule and pencil it in! 

Classes offered include: Zumba, Lunch Time Fitness, Kick Boxing and Yoga! 

Sign up for intramurals to keep active and meet new friends


Dal offers a number of different intramurals including basketball, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, table tennis and hockey! 

Be sure you are getting the sleep you need

  • Eat well! And avoid heavy meals right before bed
  • Get your blood pumping! Even 20 minutes will help you sleep better
  • Create the ideal environment - temperature, pillows, blankets
  • Turn off electronics
  • Keep a consistent schedule so your body can get used to a natural sleep-wake routine

Get your flu shot at Student Health Services


Read up on why you should get the flu vaccine (hint: symptoms include high fevers, aches and pains, fatigue, headaches and severe coughing AND it's highly contagious) and more on the Student Health Services website

Don't forget to stop by and get vaccinated this Fall - dates to be announced. 

Helpful tip: The effects of the flu vaccine can wear off so you need a shot each year to stay protected. 

Keep an eye out for blue elephants around campus

blue elephant

Elephant in the Room is a national anti-stigma campaign designed to address the stigma associated with mental illness.

When you see a blue elephant figure, you know that you are in a safe place to talk about mental illness, without fear of being viewed differently.

Download the WellTrack app and get help managing your stress, anxiety and depression

welltrack 350

WellTrack is a free, online self-help program that targets depression, anxiety, stress, and phobias (e.g., fear of heights). You can also opt to have a free and confidential coach. 

The benefits of opting to have a WellTrack Coach

  • It's free & confidential. The WellTrack Coach can only access your information if you choose to share it. 
  • It's convenient - you can contact your coach through email or phone
  • Your coach is a real person and will tailor their approach, helping you get answers to all of your questions
  • Your coach will help motivate you and help you maximize the benefits of WellTrack

Learn tips to taking care of yourself and your friends at thePROsocialproject.com

PROsocial_242x242_pic of the week

The PROsocial Project is a group of students who design and implement student-led initiatives that reduce harm and improve mental health outcomes for all Dalhousie students. Visit their website for information on: 

  • Living like a PRO
  • PROtecting yourself and your friends
  • PROmoting mental health
  • Resources and more

Download the DalSAFE app for access to Security Services and health and wellness information

Website Photo - DalSAFE

DalSAFE is a mobile app providing quick and easy access to Security Services, interactive maps, campus notices, parking info, and many other resources to enhance personal safety.

Learn more about Dal’s university-wide mental wellness initiative at Dal.ca/Thrive

Thrive 579x350

Dal Thrive is a university-wide mental wellness initiative aimed at building a positive mental health environment for students, faculty and staff. Visit the website for: 

  • On-campus events and initiatives
  • Free mental health first aid training dates and times
  • Mental health resources to help yourself and your friends

Visit the Food Services page for information on how to eat well and keep a well-balanced diet

Howe_Dining Hall

Check out the campus dining page to explore menus and nutritional information, read featured health stories and educational resources, and explore your on-campus food options

On-campus medical services

Student Health Services is your first stop if you need to see a nurse or doctor. See our list of services and make an appointment.