All services provided in Health Services are confidential. Health records are entirely separate from other university documents. No one from an academic or administrative department has access to your health record. Parents, guardians and other family members cannot have access to any information about you without your written consent, including whether or not you have ever visited Health Services.

Personal Health Information

What is Personal Health Information?

Identifying information about you, and may include demographic (name, address,date of birth), health card number, information related to your physical and mental health care, and financial information related to your application and eligibility for health care services. Personal health care information can be recorded and unrecorded, and continues to be protected after you are deceased.

The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA)

The Nova Scotia Personal Health Information Act came into effect as of June 1, 2013 and is the law that protects your personal health information. PHIA applies a consistent set of rules for the health sector to manage both your paper and electronic personal health information. PHIA balances your right to have your information protected, with the need of the health system to use your information to provide, support and manage the health care system and provide you with care.

Please review the brochure provided when you visit Health Services and the detailed information provided in Health Services on topics such as: when is consent needed to disclose personal health information, your rights, what happens if there is an inappropriate disclosure; and where to get more information.