Where to go for Advising

First-year (new) students

Academic advising is available to all incoming undergraduate students.

To make an appointment:

Phone: (902) 893-7915
Email: fyedalac@dal.ca

Current students

Academic Advisors at the Student Success Centre can help you:

  • choose your program or major
  • understand degree requirements and academic regulations
  • map strategies to achieve your educational and career goals, which may include accommodations
  • assess whether your current program suits your aptitudes and interests
  • develop action plans to deal with academic, or other, difficulties

To book an appointment:

  • Phone: (902) 893-7915
  • Email: ssdalac@dal.ca 
  • In-person: Student Success Centre, Dairy Building

Advisors in your department/school/college

Academic Advisors in your department, school or college can help you with specific course requirements for their programs.