Excellence in Student Leadership Awards

Awards Criteria

Phillip Stead Memorial Excellence in Student Leadership Award ($2500 Award)

To reward and encourage a student with outstanding leadership in the Faculty of Agriculture and/or within the community. The student must have demonstrated their capacity to have improved student and general life on the Faculty of Agriculture by organizing or leading groups, events and activities on or off-campus. Selection for this award will include academic performance, financial need, and other awards that have been granted to the nominee.

*In addition to completing the nomination form please submit a CV by email to ssdalac@dal.ca by 10 am (AT) Thursday, March 2, 2023. 

2022/23 Award Winner: Jing Lu, Doctor of Philosophy Agricultural Sciences

Faculty of Agriculture Leadership Award


This award recognizes a student in good academic standing at the Faculty of Agriculture, who exemplifies the highest level of passion for their discipline, takes initiative in creating new opportunities and encourages their peers to engage in campus initiatives. The award winner positively impacts other students in their faculty and the reputation of their faculty at Dalhousie outside of the classroom. This award is also presented at the IMPACT Awards in Halifax. 

2022/23 Award Winner: Gabrielle Schenkels, BSc (Agr) Agricultural Business

Student Ambassador Award

This award recognizes a student who has made significant contributions to student life on the Agricultural Campus by unselfishly giving of themselves through involvement, achievement and leadership in campus life through representing and promoting Dalhousie University and demonstrating outstanding school pride.

2022/23 Award Winner: Kuldeep Anjana, BSc (Agr) Honours in Plant Science

Student Government Award

This award recognizes a student for their commitment and important leadership to the campus by taking an active role in student government through contribution to a Student Union Committee.

2022/23 Award Winner: Isaac Ayer, BSc (Agr) Agricultural Business

Residence Life

The Residence Life Award recognizes an exceptional student leader who has demonstrated significant leadership, commitment and spirit to improving the quality of life of their residence community. This student leads by example and goes above and beyond to support their peers.  The recipient is known to be conscientious and caring and demonstrates leadership in all that they do.

2022/23 Award Winner: Sama Chouceir, BSc (Agr) Animal Science

Dalhousie University Students’ Association Award 2023

(Three Awards of  $200 each)

Outstanding student leader in club affairs

The chosen student has dedicated their time and passion into broadening the student community through club growth, creation, or modification. This student has spent time carefully outlining the club’s goals and events throughout the year and is detailed in their reporting. They also submit all of their club reports in a timely manner. The student who most fits these qualifications will be picked by the DASA team.

2022/23 Award Winner: Isaac Ayer, BSc (Agr) Agricultural Business & Gabrielle Schenkels, BSc (Agr) Agricultural Business

Outstanding club and society contribution on campus

The chosen club or society has gone above and beyond to ensure its members are getting the most out of their experience. The club or society frequently organizes engaging and relevant events, meetings, or opportunities. The club or society is diligent in their reporting and fundraising and provides reports in a timely manner. The club or society enhances student’s experiences and embodies the goals and missions set forth at the beginning of the year. The club or society who most fits these qualifications will be picked by the DASA team.

2022/23 Award Winner: Pre-Vet Society

Outstanding AC student contribution to their campus or surrounding community

The chosen student has demonstrated, in the current year, outstanding passion and dedication of time, talent or treasure to our campus or surrounding community. This individual makes every effort to expand their university academic experience in ways such as volunteering on or off campus, participating in DASA, Residence, or Faculty sponsored events, or other student leadership activities. Students may nominate their peers or be self-nominated for this award. Nominations should include a letter of recommendation outlining why the candidate is deserving of this award. A successful candidate will be chosen by the DASA team.

2022/23 Award Winner: Abigail Moir, BSc (Agr) Agricultural Business & Karlee Saulnier, BSc (Agr) Animal Science

Global Citizenship

($300 Award)

This award distinguishes a student who has demonstrated an active commitment to internationalization of the campus, promotion of multiculturalism, pursuit of social justice and civic engagement within the campus and community. The recipient is known for their dedication and involvement in global projects, enhancing the daily lives of others. 

2022/23 Award Winner: Qian Lan, BSc (Agr) Integrated Environmental Management 

Student Innovation Award

This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated an innovative spirit by developing a concept or idea that has solved a problem for the agricultural industry and is known for their ability to provide good leadership and works collaboratively with others on campus to move forward innovative and sustainable ideas.

2022/23 Award Winner: Koushika Kumaresan, Master of Science Agriculture

Environmental Leadership Award

This award is presented to a student who has made the most significant contribution to improving awareness on environmental and sustainability issues at the Faculty of Agriculture and who best demonstrates passion and inspires others to make a difference.

2022/23 Award Winner: Koushika Kumaresan, Master of Science Agriculture

Community Service Award

This award recognizes a student who and has made significant contributions within their community, by unselfishly giving of themselves through involvement, achievement and leadership, while studying at the Faculty of Agriculture.

2022/23 Award Winner: Kuldeep Anjana, BSc (Agr) Honours in Plant Science


While a student may not meet the criteria for any of the above awards we know they have still achieve personal, professional, and academic goals, and we want to hear about them. Share you own or another student's successes with us! This is your time to say thank you to a study partner, a friend or classmate or acknowledge their recent accomplishment. 

2022/23 Kudos: Morgan McAvoy, Noah Fraser, Rachel Sheffield, Tim Ching, Residence Guest Sign-in Staff, Chapman RA Team, Trueman RA Team, Fraser RA Team, Chapman House Council, Trueman House Council, Fraser House Council, & Student Success Peer Advisors. 


Kudos can be for personal, professional, or academic accomplishments. They will be shared during awards celebration on March 16th and on our Instagram, @dalacstudentlife, in the days leading up to the event. Submissions for kudos will remain open until March 14th. 

Who can nominate

Anyone can nominate a student for one of the Student Advancement In Leadership Awards and we encourage staff, faculty, students, and community members to submit nominations. You can even nominate yourself if you wanted to. Nominations will open on February 1st, 2023. Nominations are accepted for all Dalhousie Agricultural Campus Students regardless of level or year of study provided they meet the specific criteria for each award.

Nominations close on Wednesday, March 1st at midnight.

How to nominate

It's as easy as...

1.  Select the award from the list above to navigate to the nomination form. 

2. Complete and submit the form online.

When nominating an individual be as detailed as possible about a student's accomplishments and involvement and prove how they fit the award criteria above. It may be helpful to talk with a student in person about their achievements to better inform your nomination.