Back on Track

Back on Track is a support program offered for first and second year students who have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or less. Back on Track is available for students in the Faculties of Agriculture, Arts & Social Sciences, Engineering (first year), and Science during the Winter term. If you are not in one of these Faculties, we would encourage you to connect with advisors in your program (advisor contact listed by Faculty) for support.

Through the Back on Track program, students will: 

  • be matched with an advisor who will work with them to identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • have regular meetings (approximately 3) with their advisor throughout the term to learn how to use their strengths and to develop the skills necessary for success at university 

Registration is now closed. 

Registration for the winter 2022 academic term is now closed. If you would like to connect with an advisor, we encourage you to connect with an advisor in your program or email

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I do as part of the Back on Track program?

  • You'll take various assessments while working with your advisor on areas of improvement related to study skills and strategies
  • You'll learn how to identify your strengths and how to create SMART goals

Why should I register for Back on Track?

  • The Back on Track program is based on research and evidence-based best practices on supports to assist students in being successful. By identifying strengths, working through individualized educational plans and identifying areas for improvement, Back on Track will help put you on a path for success!

What is the time commitment of the program?

You will meet your Back on Track advisor regularly throughout the term. You may be asked to complete additional assigned activities and assessments as directed by your Back on Track advisor. The average time commitment during the term is approximately one hour per week

Is there a cost to participating?

The Back on Track program is FREE to eligible students.

Will I receive academic credit for participating in Back on Track?

Back on Track is not an academic program, and as such, you will not receive academic credit for your involvement with the program, and it will not appear on your transcript. You can, however, add Back on Track to your co-curricular record (CCR)

What if I want to participate in Back on Track, but I'm not in one of the Faculties listed?

You can email to discuss other resources available to you.