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Recreation and Fitness Calendar
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Sunday Rec Nights

Badminton, basketball and volleyball are popular sports and weekly sessions are held at Sunday Rec Night from 6 to 9 p.m. or anytime the court space is available during open hours.

Free Wheeling Program

In the fall and spring you can participate in our Free Wheeling Program and sign out a bike to enjoy a ride through the community/countryside. Twelve bikes are available for students and staff (if you are under 19, you will need a consent form signed by a parent).

Racquetball Ladder

A competition ladder for racquetball will take place all season and culminate with the top 8 finishers competing in play-offs in February and March. Clinics are provided for those wishing to improve their game. Watch for Athletic Centre Notices.

Softball Tournament

September 22, 2012 at Airport Field - Contact Ashley Simms at Langille Athletic Centre for details (ashley.simms@dal.ca)

Curling Funspiels

The Athletic Department provides students and staff the opportunity to participate in curling funspiels. Travel is provided, as well as required equipment. Watch for Athletic Centre notices.

Group events might include tidal bore rafting and co-ed softball in the fall, and curling, hockey, or downhill skiing in the winter.

Registration Information

For more information on dates, times, locations and any associated fees or registration details for any of our recreation programs, please contact Ashley Simms at the Langille Athletic Centre at ashley.simms@dal.ca.

Did you know?

The Cobequid Trail meanders through the Agricultural Campus and runs along a ridge offering views of the Salmon River. This trail connects to the sidewalk along College Road (near the intersection of Main Street) and to the trails at Bible Hill Recreation Park.

The Municipality of Colchester, Village of Bible Hill, Agricultural Campus and Province of Nova Scotia partnered to develop this wonderful addition to the Cobequid Trail network.