Psychology Course Offerings

Current Course Offerings

The following Psychology courses will be offered in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 academic years. Course names link to the course syllabi when available. For the academic timetable course description, please click here

Course Syllabus

Course  #      



Introduction to Psychology and Neuroscience l PSYO 1011 Fall Fall
Introduction to Psychology and Neuroscience ll PSYO 1012 Winter Winter
Introduction to Psychology and Neuroscience l- DE PSYO 1031 Summer
Introduction to Psychology and Neuroscience ll- DE PSYO 1032 Summer
Methods in Experimental Psychology PSYO 2000 Fall Fall
Social Psychology PSYO 2080 Winter Winter
Developmental Psychology PSYO 2090 Fall & Winter Fall & Winter
Introduction to Cognitive Psychology PSYO 2130 Fall & Summer Fall
Learning PSYO 2140 Not offered
Perceptual Processes PSYO 2150 Fall Fall
Animal Behaviour PSYO 2160 Winter Fall & Winter
Abnormal Behaviour PSYO 2220 Fall, Winter & Summer Fall & Winter
Systems Neuroscience PSYO 2470 Winter & Summer Winter
Statistical Methods l PSYO 2501 Fall Fall & Winter
Cellular Neuroscience PSYO 2570 Fall Fall
Directed Research in Psychology
(contact John Christie)
PSYO 3001 Fall, Winter & Summer
Fall & Winter
Experiential Learning in Science Communication I   PSYO 3011 Fall Fall
Experiential Learning in Science Communication II PSYO 3012 Winter Winter
Sensory Neuroscience l: Vision PSYO 3051 Winter Winter
Experimental Social Psychology PSYO 3082 Winter
Methods in Developmental Psychology PSYO 3091 Fall & Winter
Fall & Winter
Language and Literacy PSYO 3093 Winter
Independent Research in Psychology I PSYO 3100 Fall Fall
Independent Research in Psychology II PSYO 3101 Winter Winter
Methods in Experimental Clinical Psychology PSYO 3122 Winter Winter
Childhood Psychopathology PSYO 3129 Fall
Research Methods in Attention PSYO 3131 Fall & Winter Fall & Winter
Research Methods in Memory PSYO 3133 Not offered
Fall & Winter
Research Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience PSYO 3137 Winter Winter
Measuring Behaviour PSYO 3161 Fall Fall
Advanced Animal Behaviour PSYO 3162 Winter Fall
Neuroethology PSYO 3165 Fall & Winter Winter
Hormones & Behaviour PSYO 3170 Winter
Psycholinguistics PSYO 3190 Fall Fall
Clinical Psychology PSYO 3220 Fall Fall
Forensic Psychology PSYO 3224 Winter Winter
Principles of Human Neuropsychology PSYO 3227 Winter Winter
Drugs & Behaviour PSYO 3237 Fall & Summer
The Science of Sleep PSYO 3264 Fall Fall
Personality PSYO 3280 Fall
Neuroscience Laboratory I PSYO 3370 Fall & Summer
Neuroscience Laboratory II PSYO 3371 Fall & Winter Fall & Winter
Statistical Methods II PSYO 3502 Winter
History of Psychology I PSYO 3581 Fall Not offered
History of Psychology II PSYO 3582 Not offered Fall
Genes, Brain and Behaviour PSYO 3670 Fall Fall
Behavioural Neuroscience PSYO 3770 Fall Fall & Winter
Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory PSYO 3775 Winter
Molecular Neuroscience PSYO 3970 Fall
Senior Seminar (contact John Christie) PSYO 4000 Fall, Winter & Summer Fall & Winter
Contemporary Issues in Psychology PSYO 4001 Fall Fall
Development of Social Behaviour PSYO 4090 Winter Winter
Developmental Psychology Topics PSYO 4092 Fall
Topics in Clinical Psychology PSYO 4120
Not offered
Topics in Cognition PSYO 4130 Not offered
Topics in Animal Learning PSYO 4140 Fall Fall
Topics in Behavioural Biology PSYO 4160 Winter
Honours Thesis I (contact an Honours Advisor) PSYO 4501 Fall Fall
Honours Thesis II (contact an Honours Advisor) PSYO 4502 Winter Winter