Physical Oceanography Group

The Physical Oceanography Group has six faculty members. 

David Barclay’s group specializes in acoustics, with particular emphasis on measurement and interpretation of deep-ocean noise and sediment acoustics.  They also are active in the modelling of sound propagation in the ocean. 

Alex Hay’s group also specializes in acoustics, with emphasis on characterization of turbulence and sediment transport in wave- and tide-dominated environments.

Dan Kelley’s group works on ocean mixing and its parameterization, focusing mainly on internal waves and double-diffusive convection. 

Ruth Musgrave joined our Department in September 2019. Her group uses observations, numerical models and theory to study the processes leading to ocean mixing. Topics include internal tides, near inertial waves and their interaction with the mesoscale and coastal processes.

Eric Oliver’s
group investigates ocean and climate variability across a range of time and space scales including extreme events like marine heatwaves and storms, the predictability of climate variations, and the role of climate change on the mean state, variability and extremes of the climate system. 

Jinyu Sheng’s
group develops and applies numerical models of coastal ocean circulation.