Dr. Leigh Howarth

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Email: leigh.howarth@dal.ca
Phone: (902) 402-1780
Mailing Address: 
Room 4668, LSC Oceanography Wing, 1355 Oxford St, PO Box 15000, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Fisheries ecology
  • Benthic ecology
  • Aquaculture
  • Stable isotopes


PhD – Marine and fisheries ecology, The University of York

MSc – Marine environmental management,
            The University of York

BSc – Ecology, The University of East Anglia


Welden, N., Abylkhani, B., & Howarth, L.M. (2018). The effects of trophic transfer and environmental factors on microplastic uptake by plaice and spider crab. Environmental Pollution, Vol. 239: 351-358.

Howarth, L.M. et al., (2016) Trade-offs in marine protection: multispecies interactions within a community-led temperate marine reserve. ICES Journal of Marine Science, Vol. 74: 263-276.

Stewart, B.D. & Howarth, L.M. (2016). Quantifying and Managing the Ecosystem Effects of Scallop Dredge Fisheries. In (Eds) Shumway and Parsons: Scallops: Biology, Ecology and Aquaculture. 3rd Edition. Elsevier.

Howarth, L.M., Roberts, C.M., Hawkins, J.P., Steadman, D.J. & Beukers-Stewart. (2015) Ecosystem protection leads to increased scallop settlement within a community-led temperate marine reserve. Marine Biology, Vol. 162: 823-840

Howarth, L.M., Pickup, S.E., Evans, L.E., Roberts, C.M., Hawkins, J.P. and Beukers-Stewart. (2015) Sessile and mobile components of a benthic ecosystem display mixed trends within a temperate marine reserve. Marine Environmental Research, Vol. 107: 8-23.

Howarth, L.M., Roberts, C.M., Thurstan, R.H. & Beukers-Stewart, B.D. (2014) The unintended consequences of simplifying the sea: making the case for complexity. Fish and Fisheries, Vol. 15: 690-711.

Howarth, L.M., Wood, H.L., Turner, A.P. & Beukers-Stewart, B.D. (2011) Complex habitat boosts scallop recruitment in a fully protected marine reserve. Marine Biology, Vol. 158, pp. 1767–1780.

Awards & Honours

I have been on the British Ecology Society Review College since April 2016.

Award from ICES to attend an early career workshop in Busan, Korea, in April 2017.

Award from the British Council to attend an early career workshop in Malaysia in Jan 2016.

Awarded the Alan Ansell Prize for best new investigator talk at International Pectinid Workshop, Galway in June 2015.

KM Stott Award for best Environmental PhD at the University of York in July 2014.

Best talk at an Environmental Conference at the University of York in March 2014.

Bursaries from Sidney Perry Foundation and Marine Aggregate Levy Sustainability fund to attend my MSc at the University of York in 2009.