Mark Filiaggi

Professor, Faculty of Dentistry, School of Biomedical Engineering



Mark Filiaggi, PhD
Cross-Appointments in SBME, Department of Radiology
Affiliated Scientist, Department of Diagnostic Imaging
QEII Health Sciences Centre
Phone: 902-494-7102
Fax: 902-494-6621

My core research program is founded on developing novel and potentially multifunctional biomaterials for medical devices, with a focus on those intended for bone-interfacing and cardiovascular applications. At the heart of this program is a desire to use sound materials science engineering principles and unique processing strategies to optimize the biological performance of materials destined for clinical applications. This approach is by necessity a multidisciplinary one, as it requires an additional working knowledge of cell behavior and biological processes along with substantial engagement with the clinical community.

Our Group

Our research is focused on biomaterials and biomedical devices, with an emphasis on novel phosphate glass processing approaches that facilitate localized delivery of therapeutic agents, including antibiotics, anticancer drugs and therapeutic metal ions. Targeted clinical applications include osteomyelitis (chronic bone infection) and hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer). Further studies have examined surface modification strategies to enhance the osteopromotive and antimicrobial properties of metallic implants, including those used to support new dentition or dental restorations.

For these studies, we maintain active collaborations with both the basic science (Chemistry, Physics) and clinical (orthopaedics, intervention radiology) communities.

Selected Publications

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