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Academic Resources

Resources for Bachelor of Management Students

Academic Integrity: Suggestions of strategies for understanding what plagiarism is and how it can be avoided.

Student Handbook: All key information you will need as a student in this program. [PDF - 281 KB]

Faculty of Management Appeals Policy [PDF - 374kb]

Directed Reading Guidelines [PDF - 71 KB]

External Invigilators [PDF - 282 KB]

Undergraduate Academic Advising Office: To assist incoming and returning students in the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Management programs with course selection and registration and to offer advice on academic matters.

Services around Campus:

There is a wealth of other resources around campus open to all students.

Academic Dates:  Important academic dates for you to know- when are fees due, drop dates, schedule university closures and more.

Academic Advising Various information ranging from the Academic Program Fair, a GPA Calculator, lists of departmental advisors and important information on understanding your academic standing.

Academic Timetable:  Find CRNs, class descriptions, availability and location for every class that Dalhousie offers.

Accessibility Services (based in Killam Library): The Advising and Access Services Centre is Dalhousie's centre of expertise for student accessibility and accommodation. Our advising team works with students who request accommodation as a result of:

We also work with faculty, staff, parents and prospective students, who have questions regarding access and accommodation.

Health and Wellness:  A referral page to all of Dalhousie's health services. If you are looking for a Doctor, Counselling, Spritual Guidance or just looking for tips on how to stay healthy- this is where you want to start. 

Registrar's Office:  The Registrar's Office is here to support you on your academic journey. They provide guidance and expert advice on university regulations, admissions, program changes and much more.

Study Skills/Tutoring Services:  Whether you're doing well and want to do better or if you are experiencing academic difficulty, study skills/tutoring can help you reach your academic potential.

Writing Centre:  Through one-on-one meetings with writing tutors you can get assistance in the following writing techniques:

  • Academic Writing
  • Portfolio Development
  • Business Writing
  • Writing for Admission and Scholarships
  • Writing for the Web
  • Collaborative Writing
  • Technical Writing: Science and Engineering
  • ESL Support