Entrance Scholarships

Dalhousie University offers scholarships in two distinct award groups, to outstanding students who are admitted directly from high school to the first year of study.

Dalhousie Renewable Entrance Scholarships are the first of the two award groups and are available in each of the following faculties: architecture and planning, arts and social sciences, management, health professions, science, engineering and computer science. The renewable scholarships are tenable for the duration of the program or a maximum of four years, provided the holder achieves a Scholarship Grade Point Average of 3.70 and are valued at (2007/2008) $4,000, $5,000 and $8,000 per year. Dalhousie Non-Renewable Entrance Scholarships are the second distinct award group and are awarded for one year's duration.

In-course scholarships

All Dalhousie students in participating faculties who are in eligible programs and have completed a full class load (a minimum of 30 credit hours for most programs) over two terms within the previous regular session (Sept–April) and achieved a minimum SGPA of 3.70 will be considered eligible for in-course scholarships.


Dalhousie University's Bursary program provides funds to help students experiencing certain types of financial difficulty. Undergraduate Bursaries are meant to assist students in financial need and are typically smaller amounts of money ($200-$600), intended to supplement other funding sources. Bursaries won't make up a major part of your funding, but they can fill in the gap. View the Dalhousie Money Matters website for information on applying for a Bursary, as well as helpful tips on managing your finances.