Your first two years are dedicated to core courses in Management Issues, Accounting, Marketing, Environmental Management, Government Structure, Knowledge Management, Economics and Statistics. In your third and fourth years, you'll choose electives to tailor your degree to your strengths and interests. Choose from one of five majors below to focus on your area of interest, or stay flexible by doing a general Bachelor of Management degree without a major. 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Focus on the principles and skills you need to create or support  new ventures, either independently or in organizations.
View a list of required and elective classes. [PDF - 7 KB]

Leadership and Organizations

Focus on the theory and practice of leadership in the management of organizations. View a list of required and elective classes. [PDF -7 KB]

Managing Data and Information

Managing information and data effectively is essential to business, public sector, and society.  Learn how organizations leverage technology to create, store, manage, analyze, and share data and information to make effective decisions; use analytics to create knowledge from raw data; and apply best practices in the use of information technology and systems to support decision-making. View a list of required and elective classes. [PDF - 32 KB]

Masters of Information:  Advanced Placement

Public Sector Management

Explore how to create a good society and how to balance justice with order. View a list of required and elective classes. [PDF -8 KB]

Environment, Sustainability and Society

Drawing on virtually every academic discipline, Dalhousie has created the first Environment, Sustainability and Society program in Canada. View a list of required and elective classes. [PDF - 10 KB]

Note: Admission to the Management & Globalization Major is suspended. The program will continue to be delivered to any current students until all students have graduated, or the time allowed for program completion has elapsed, or all students have left the program.
Note: Sustainable Resources and Environmental Management and Environment, Sustainability and Society are now combined into one Major option. Please contact Academic Advising or your department head for more details.