Management students can choose to complete a certificate as a compliment to their degree.  Below are options offered within the Management program; however, there are many more offered by the University.  For a complete list, visit the Certificates section of the Academic Calendar.

Certificate in Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Management
The Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Management Certificate aims to help students gain an interdisciplinary view of management.  Students completing the certificate will be introduced to the definition of management and how people and process vary across the disciplines. Students will examine the interactions among the environment, technology, society, organizations and people, in a world with limited resources.  Students will be exposed to key knowledge, behaviors, skills, competencies and attitudes considered critical to managerial success, and learn how to apply these to ensure they understand effective management practice.  Printable worksheet

Certificate in Leading People and Organizations
The Leading People and Organizations Certificate will help students understand the range of differences in people and their perspectives, and how these differences affect workplace management.  Students completing this certificate will be able to recognize different conflict resolution and negotiation strategies.  A focus on understanding the human resource management function within the organization will complement students’ knowledge of selecting, training, and equipping personnel, while ensuring positive labour relations and maintaining healthy and safety.  Students will have the ability to articulate their own personal strengths and weaknesses to improve interpersonal relationships.  Printable worksheet

Certificate in Public Sector Management

The certificate in Public Sector Management will introduce students to the organizing principles and structures of the three levels of government: federal, provincial, and municipal.  Students completing this certificate will have a deeper understanding of the public policy process.  Students will understand the relationship between government and businesses in Canada.  Printable worksheet

Certificate in Managing Data and Information

The Managing Data and Information Certificate will provide students with a broader understanding of how data can be used to address diverse, real-world problems in multiple sectors and disciplines. It will prepare students to use data to inform evidence-based decision making, and provide a broader understanding of current trends of information production.  Students will understand the importance of information management in supporting decision-making, and be prepared to effectively leverage information systems to meet business needs.  Printable worksheet

Certificate in Marketing Management

The certificate in Marketing Management will help students understand the marketing environment and consumers’ needs and expectations. Students completing this certificate will have a clear understanding of how to approach marketing: understanding the market, setting goals, and establishing, managing, and executing a marketing plan.  Students will have the ability to articulate challenges marketers have in the non-profit sector, and contrast these with marketing in the for-profit sector.  Printable worksheet

Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate will provide students with an opportunity to learn and develop skills related to innovation and entrepreneurship, starting with ideation (innovation, creativity, design thinking), continuing with launching a new venture, and ending with managing a new venture.  Printable worksheet