Because of the limited number of exchange opportunities available, the International Linkages Committee encourages students only to apply if they are serious about studyiung abroad, and understands the additinal financial costs involved.

The selection process for exchanges is based upon a lottery system.  After we contact you with an offfer via phone and/or email, you will have twenty-four hours to accept.  If you do not respond within this period of time, the offer will be revoked (excluding exceptional circumstances) and your application will be voided.

As a result of the lottery system, past experience indicates that it can take up to two weeks for the selection process to be completed.  If you do not receive an offer in the first few days, do not be concerned,  This only means that you are not in the first cohort.  You are still likely to receive an offer of exchage (depending on how many exchange partners you have indicated interest in).  While it is probable that it may not be your first choice, it is still a possibility.

If you are succesful in your application and then withdraw this may have the impact of denying another student the opportunity to participate in the exchange program.  All students must sign and submit the Affirmation Form.

Please note: if you are planning to apply to any of our NACLE partners (Arizona,
Houston, Panamerica, ITESM, South Western or Suffolk), please email Cherilyn MacIntosh ( upon completion of your online application to ensure that there
will be exchange opportunities available with these partner institutions.
Thank you and good luck!