Genoa, Italy

Availabilty: 2 spaces
Language Requirement: Courses offered in English

About the University

The College of Law at the University of Genoa has existed since at least the 14th century. Current areas of research strength include the “Genoa Institute of International European and Maritime Law”, the “Genoa Centre for Law and Finance”, and an Erasmus Strategic Partnership Project on Mediation. Genoa is located on the Northwest coast of Italy. It has “340 km of breathtaking coastal landscapes (including nearby Cinque Terre) and is approximately 150 km from Milan.” There is also an international airport.

Information for International Students  


Visa permits/requirements

Non-EU citizens must apply for a student visa through the Italian consulate in Canada nearest them. Once in Italy, students must apply for a residence permit from the Italian Government if they will be staying for more than 90 days. You must submit your residence permit within 8 days of arriving at the competent “Questura” (Italian permit office). Once you have your residence permit, you will be able to travel to other Schengen countries for up to three months without any formal requirements.

More information can be found here:

Health Insurance

Students coming to Italy need to obtain health insurance for their stay. This can be done through the National Health Service, which requires a 150 euro payment and guarantees total coverage and entitles you to choose your own general practitioner. It is valid for one year.

Alternatively, international students can subscribe to a private health insurance policy with WAI Italy: they have to register on the following web site Welcome Association Italy and then pay € 120 for one year or € 71 for six months.


The City districts, Dinegro, Sampierdarena, S.Teodoro, Castelletto, Principe are close to the location of the college of law.

The University of Genoa supports International students in their accommodation research, but does not guarantee nor reserve any kind of accommodation. Students interested in university residences should contact ALiSEO (Regional Agency for Students and Tutoring), the body in charge for this kind of accommodation:

Students should ask their landlord to sign a rental agreement. A standard version is available at SASS office.


In the 2017/2018 academic year the following courses in English were available.

Academic Calendar

Classes run in the Fall semester from mid September to mid December. The Exam period runs from mid December to early February with a break from Christmas until after New Years.

Classes run in the Winter semester from mid February to the end of May. Exams run from early June to mid July.

Cost of Living

  • Accommodation: 300 – 500 euros depending on type of apartment and number of roommates.
  • Utilities: About 50 euros per month.
  • Meals: The University canteen offers meals from 6-15 euros and grocery stores sell staples for relatively cheap.
  • Transport: A monthly bus pass costs 46 euros.

Update on Covid 19