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2020 Competitive Moots

Posted by Trudi Smith on January 1, 2020 in News

Every year, our students have an opportunity to practice their skills at competitive moots across Canada and internationally. Each team puts months of dedication and hard work into preparing for competition. No matter what the results, we are proud to have them represent Schulich Law.

We'll be sharing our 2020 competitve mooting results as they become available. Check back for updates.

Davies Corporate Securities Moot

From left: The Honourable Justice Kathryn Feldman, Syed Abidi, Michael Harker, Chelsea Barkhouse and Ryan Cutcliffe (Provided photo)

Davies Corporate Securities Moot Results

When: March 6-7, 2020
Where: Toronto
Team Members: Chelsea Barkhouse, Syed Abidi, Ryan Cutcliffe, and Michael Harker
Coaches: Brianne Rudderham and John T.G Boyle

Recognized as the leading event of its kind in Canada, the Davies Moot provides an opportunity for top students from Canadian law schools to debate current legal issues in corporate and securities law. Students are tested on their written advocacy (presented in a factum delivered prior to the competition) and their oral advocacy. Each student was required to argue twice during the competition, once on behalf of the appellant and once on behalf of the respondent.

Team Schulich Law had an excellent performance this year, taking second place in the factum category, and third overall. The University of Alberta took first place in both categories.

Congrats to the Schulich Law team and coaches on a very successful moot!

Laskin Moot

From left: Erik Coates, Maryn Marsland, Cydney Kane, and Charlotte Henderson (Provided photo)

Laskin Moot Results

When: February 27-29, 2020
Where: Université Laval
Team Members: Maryn Marsland, Erik Coates, Charlotte Henderson and Cydney Kane
Coach: Angus Gibbon

The official moot problem concerned the rights of women with high levels of testosterone to represent Canada in women’s athletics at the Olympics, given certain restrictions that have been imposed at the international level.

"The mooters’ performance against some tough competition from the other Canadian law schools was outstanding," said coach Angus Gibbon "They did themselves and the school proud."

Although the team performed well, McGill were the overall winners of the moot. Schulich Law will host next year's Laskin Moot on February 26-27, 2021.

Kawaskimhon Moot

From left: Rebecca Kirkwood, Dana-Lyn Mackenzie, Claudia Covalciuc, and Kate Meagher. Not pictured - Nichole Elizabeth (Provided photo)

Kawaskimhon Moot Results

When: March 6-7, 2020
Where: Robson Hall Law School, University of Manitoba
Team Members: Rebecca Kirkwood, Nichole Elizabeth, Claudia Covalciuc and Kate Meagher
Coach: Dana-Lyn Mackenzie

The Kawaskimhon Moot is a unique consensus based negotiation moot centred on legal issues facing Indigenous peoples. Schulich Law students were divided into two teams representing the interests of different client groups - Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto and the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs - and asked to develop principles for a Crown policy to address the issue of over-representation of Indigenous people in prison. The teams worked hard over two full days of negotiations to advocate for their policy proposals.

"Both teams performed extremely well and garnered many commendations from the facilitators," said coach Dana-Lyn Mackenzie.

The moot culminated with a gala dinner featuring Dr. Niigaan Sinclair as the keynote speaker, and amazing performances by Lac Brochet/Sayisis Dene drummers

Donald G.H. Bowman International Tax Moot

From left: Riad Kherallah, Sarah Aaron, Phil Yang, and James Russell (Provided photo)

Donald G.H. Bowman International Tax Moot Results

When: February 28 - 29, 2020
Where: Federal Court of Canada, Toronto
Team Members: Sarah Aaron, Riad Kherallah, James Russell and Phil Yang
Coach: Professor Kim Brooks

Although the Schulich Law team performed admirably, and made sense of some very complicated taxation issues, the top prize went to the University of Saskatchewan.

"In my books, these four are heroes and I am confident they will be remarkable stewards of civil society in the years ahead" said Professor Brooks.

The team would like to thank co-coach Mel Petrunia, and those who participated in moot practices including Paul Festeryga, Kate Harris, Will Milne, Colin Jackson, Jennifer Talbot, Faye Woodman, Greg King, Khalid Tariq, and a cluster of tax-loving JD and grad students.

Jessup Moot

From left: David Irvine, Ellen Williams, Sarah Douglas, and Sarah MacLeod (Provided photo)

Jessup Moot Results

When: February 27 - 29, 2020
Where: Osgoode Hall Law School
Team Members: Sarah Douglas, David Irvine, Sarah MacLeod and Ellen Williams
Coach: Professor Rob Currie

The top spots in the competion went to the University of Toronto and Western, both of whom the Schulich Law team competed against in preliminary rounds. While the team didn't take home an overall prize, they had two oralists place in the top 10: David Irvine (3rd place) and Sarah Douglas (10th place).

"The team performed to a high level of advocacy skill in all six rounds and received some very complimentary praise from the distinguished folks who judged them." said Professor Rob Currie. 

The team would like to thank the all the volunteer judges who helped them prepare, and acknowledge the support of McInnes Cooper, Stewart McKelvey, the Public Prosecutors Service of Canada and the Office of the Assistant Judge Advocate General (Halifax). A big thanks also goes out to Anthony Rosborough who was this year's deputy coach.

Harold G. Fox Moot

From left: Ryan Holland, Olivia Ells, Anthony Rosborough, Alexis Muscat and Reagan Seidler (Provided photo)

Harold G. Fox Intellectual Property Moot Results

When: February 21 - 22, 2020
Where: Federal Court of Canada, Toronto
Team Members: Reagan Seidler and Alexis Muscat (Appellants), Olivia Ells and Ryan Holland (Respondents)
Coach: Anthony Rosborough

On the first day of competition, both respondents and appellants faced off against Queen's University. On the second day, the appellants faced Osgoode Hall and the respondents faced the University of Manitoba. Although Schulich Law did not proceed to the finals, appellants Regan Seidler and Alexis Muscat placed fourth overall. First place went to Western (Appellants) and University of Toronto (Respondents).

"All four members of our team demonstrated outstanding performance and team spirit," said coach Anthony Rosborough "I couldn't be prouder of them as a group."

The team would like to thank faculty members Lucie Guibault, Jacqueline Walsh and Jon Penney who helped them practice, along with students Catherine Phillips-Smith and Megan Steeves. Thanks also go out to local Bar members Rob Aske, Rob Cowan and Katie Paterno who offered their input and guidance.

Bertha Wilson Moot

From left: Duan Ash, Alison Jacobs, Professor Sheila Wildman, Jacqueline Hartigan, and Tawni Proctor (Provided photo)

Bertha Wilson Moot Results

When: February 21 - 22, 2020
Where: Federal Court of Canada, Toronto
Team Members: Duan Ash, Jacqueline Hartigan, Alison Jacobs and Tawni Proctor
Coach: Professor Sheila Wildeman

This year's team was the first to represent Schulich Law at Bertha Wilson Moot. The goal of the moot is to teach students how the Charter can be used to promote justice for those disempowered by the legal system.

The team competed with University of Toronto, Osgoode and University of Victoria. Ultimately the University of Toronto placed first, with the University of British Columbia coming in second. Although Schulich Law's team didn't make the final round, they demonstrated excellence in advocacy, and worked together brilliantly as a team. "Their outstanding performances received uniform praise from the bench" said Professor Wildeman.

Professor Wildeman and the team thank everyone who assisted in practice sessions and offered support.

McKelvey Cup Moot

From left: Casey Stiemer, Lucie LaBoissonniere and Joel Tichinoff.  (Provided photo)

From left: Adam McQuarrie, Lucie LaBoissonniere and Arthur Ferguson (Provided photo)

McKelvey Cup Moot Results

When: February 21 - 22, 2020
Where: Université de Moncton
Team Members: Adam MacQuarrie, Arthur Ferguson, Joel Tichinoff and Casey Steimer
Coaches: Michael Scott, Jeremy Smith and Michale Casey

Schulich Law had an excellent showing at this year's McKelvey Cup, with defence team Adam MacQuarrie and Arthur Ferguson placing third, and Joel Tichinoff and Casey Steimer placing fourth. Joel also won the award for best opening. The Université de Moncton won the overall competition.

Gale Cup Moot

From left: Marc Lewis, Sonia Kelly, Harini Kav and Raylene Langor (Provided photo)

Gale Cup Moot Results

When: February 14 -15, 2020
Where: Osgoode Hall Law School
Team Members: Harini Kav, Sonia Kelly, Marc Lewis, Raylene Langor
Coach: Mark Scott

Schulich Law competed against McGill and Western. Although the team performed well in their moots, they did not advance to the final round. The University of Alberta took home the cup.

Coach Mark Scott praised the team, describing them as "brave, intelligent, hard-working and a whole lot of fun."

Matthews Dinsdale National Labour Arbitration Moot

From left: Eric Sloane, Ben Currie, Leah Robertson and Bruce Archibald (Provided photo)

Matthews Dinsdale National Labour Arbitration Moot Results

When: January 25 - 26, 2020
Where: Ontario Labour Relations Board, Toronto
Team Members: Ben Currie and Leah Robertson
Coaches: Professor Bruce Archibald and Eric Sloane (Arbitrator)

Schulich Law competed against Osgoode Hall Law School and Western University. Although they did not advance to the final round, on both occasions the team performed superbly and received positive feedback from the panels composed of well known arbitrators, union and employer counsel. Ultimately, the University of British Columbia defeated the University of Toronto. 

"We would like to thank David Wallbridge from Pink Larkin and Rebekah Powell from Barteaux Lawyers (both former Dal team members) for arranging panels from their respective firms to do practice runs with our team in the week before the event," says Professor Archibald. "Congratulations to our team for representing Schulich Law with consummate skill, grace and aplomb."