The Faculty of Graduate Studies sets the minimum admission standards that are required for entry into graduate programs. Students will be considered for acceptance into the PhD in Health program only after completion of a Master’s degree from an accredited program. Applicants who have completed a research (thesis-based) Master’s will be eligible for the two-year residency PhD program and those who have completed a non-thesis Master’s program are eligible for the three-year residency PhD program. Enrollment must be on a full-time basis and there is no distance learning option. 

Applications for September 2021 admission are now closed. Please note that we no longer accept mid-year admission to the program. Applicants must be prepared to begin their program in the Fall semester.  

Applicants wishing to apply for September 2022 admission are encouraged to review the information found here and contact the Program Administrator at for transcript evaluation.


Program Specific Admission Requirements

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.7 based on both undergraduate and graduate transcripts.
  • Commitment of a faculty supervisor or co-supervisors.
  • An approved plan of funding for the duration of the residency period.  
  • For International applicants, an English Language Competency score of TOEFL >100 (Internet) or IELTS 7.5.
  • Students with non-thesis Master’s degrees may be eligible for two-year residency if they can demonstrate independent research.  Following the guidelines provided by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, ways to demonstrate equivalency include a major research paper, presentation at scholarly conferences, publications in journals, etc.

Funding and Support

At Dalhousie, you can find many opportunities to fund your graduate education. Students are generally supported financially by a combination of scholarships, supervisor research funds and teaching assistantships. The yearly minimum funding expectation is $12,000 plus tuition and fees for the duration the student's program. Please note that PhD in Health students pay program fees as opposed to per course fees.

Applicants to the PhD in Health program are eligible and strongly to encouraged to apply for funding opportunities even before receiving acceptance into the program. In the case of the Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship students who are already enrolled in the program are no longer eligible to apply for this scholarship so we recommend you be proactive. The Faculty of Grad Studies has harmonized the process for these applications.  

Please note that the Harmonized Scholarship deadline for students is December 10, so early submission of application materials to the program is highly recommended for those who wish to be considered eligible.

Scholarship application forms and all supporting documents must be submitted to the Program Administrator by the indicated deadlines to be considered for nomination to the university-level competitions.  

Additional Provincial and National level funding opportunities typically available for PhD in Health students include:

Students who are accepted into the PhD in Health program will also be considered for internal funding packages which include scholarship funding and opportunities for employment as Teaching Assistants. Please contact us at for more information.

How to Apply

Step 1 - Determine eligibility

Contact the Program Administrator at to determine eligibility based on GPA. Please provide electronic copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts at this time. Transcripts should include a grading legend (often found of the back page of official transcripts).  You will be contacted directly with the results well before the application deadline.  If deemed eligible, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 - Apply online

Visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies' website and follow the Graduate Studies application process.

Step 3 - Submit required supplemental documents

Please refer to the application checklist for details and submission instructions.  

Admission Process

The Governance Council of the PhD in Health Program will be responsible for making recommendations regarding admissions, including whether a two or three year residency is required.  Recommendations for admission will be made to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Final admission decisions are made by the Faculty of Graduate Studies who will provide official letters of admission.


For questions about the application process and to submit documents, please contact:
PhD in Health
Program Administrator
(902) 494-7809

Program Office:
Office of the Dean, Faculty of Health
Suite 316, Burbidge Building, 5968 College Street
Dalhousie University
PO Box 15000, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2