Tuition & Fees

Tuition for graduate students is determined by a variety of factors, including citizenship, time status (full-time/part-time), and whether you are enrolled in a "program" or "per-course" fee degree.

Transferring from a master's to a PhD?

If you began your master’s program in September 2019 or later and then transferred to a PhD, you are eligible to receive a refund of some fees. The International differential fees you paid and/or the difference in tuition between master’s and PhD programs paid from September 2019 to the date of transfer will be reimbursed. Reimbursed fees will be sent to you via electronic funds transfer within 10 business days of your confirmed transfer to the PhD program. No action on your part is required to initiate the refund process. 

This refund is not included in the FGS-enforced scholarship cap for PhD students. If you were funded by departmental sources such as a research grant during the refund-eligible terms of your program, please discuss potential impacts on your future departmental funding with your supervisor or graduate coordinator.

If you have questions, please contact