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Posted by Danielle Byrne RN, MN on June 28, 2019 in Students

Peer Teaching - An Opportunity to Shine

“Oh! What a great day” was the overwhelming response by Semester 5 and 8 nursing students at the Yarmouth Campus to the Peer Teaching Day. 

This opportunity was developed through the creative efforts of course professors Joanne Newell (N4725) and Danielle Byrne (N3715). This spring was the first offering of the Modified BScN Program in Yarmouth where semester 5 and 8 students intersected within the same timeframe. At times the compactness of the clinical lab space can create a challenge when two semesters need time to learn and practice psychomotor skills. Rather than being overcome by the limitations of the time and space, Joanne and Danielle embraced it with a Mentor Day. 

Semester 8 students interacted 1:1 with Semester 5 students teaching them the psychomotor skills (IV insertion, venipuncture, IV reconstitution and IV push medications). This Mentor Day followed the adage which is often true in nursing “See one. Do one. Teach one”. Semester 8 students had their time to shine by imparting their knowledge and expertise in each psychomotor skill they had already learned and performed in clinical practice. Semester 5 students had their time of 1:1 peer instruction by a Semester 8 student who they will be working with when they are in clinical practice thus creating a potential mentor relationship. 

Faculty observed the interactions between students with pride knowing that Semester 5 students were in good hands. 

Based on the feedback from students and faculty, plans are underway to develop more collaborative semester activities between all students at the Yarmouth Campus.

Interprofessional Education Simulation Day - Yarmouth Campus

Dalhousie School of Nursing - Yarmouth Campus hosted its third annual Interprofessional Education Simulation Day on June 4. Approximately 40 students who are completing clinical in the Yarmouth area attended to complete a series of simulations. This three hour session  incorporated many Interprofessional competencies outlined by the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative.