Graduate Programs

Graduate education prepares students who will have an advanced level of academic and clinical preparation and who will be leaders in advancing professional practice, health related knowledge, research uptake and system change.

Our graduate degree programs offer students the opportunity to further develop their skills and knowledge, while tailoring their academic experience according to career goals.

Master of Nursing (MN)


Explore our Master of Nursing (MN) program, where students can choose from our mental health and addictions, nurse practitioner and professional stream options.


Master of Science in Nursing

Learn more about our MScN program, which prepares students to undertake nursing research


Doctor of Nursing (PhD)

Learn more about our PhD program which prepares students for careers in nursing research.


Certificate in Registered Nurse Prescribing 

Learn more about our Certificate in RN Prescribing program, which prepares experienced nurses to prescribe safely and cost-effciently.