Margot Latimer and Julie Rancis 2

Dr. Margot Latimer
CIHR Nursing Chair: Indigeneous Health Research

Dr. Margot Latimer recently received the first Nova Scotia CIHR (Canadian Institutes of Health Research) Indigenous Research Chair in Nursing. In the Chair role she will focus on responding to community-based priorities in research, education and practice. She will work with Elders, communities and Indigenous students to learn best practices to create a supportive environment for Indigenous people in the profession of nursing, both undergraduate and graduate students as well as support Indigenous research. Learning from Indigenous people, incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing and decolonizing curriculum and research practices are just a few initiatives that are part of the Chair's strategic plan. We anticipate that there will be exciting changes at the School of Nursing and Faculty of Health as we work with Dr. Latimer and her community partners. On behalf of the Centre of Transformative Nursing and Health Research at the School of Nursing, we look forward to working with and learning from Dr. Latimer, nursing students and communities with whom she collaborates.