International Opportunities

International opportunities

Many faculty members at Dalhousie School of Nursing conduct International research. There may be opportunities to work with faculty as research assistants or volunteer in their research labs. Check out faculty researchers and what they do and watch for postings through the Centre for Transformative Nursing and Health Research to work with a research team.

Global opportunities

Partnering with Dalhousie University's Global Health Office, the School of Nursing helps Dalhousie Nursing students, both undergraduate and graduate, access opportunities to gain educational and practical experience abroad.

Current opportunities available to Nursing students include:

  • Tanzania

Bringing global health knowledge to Dal

The Dalhousie School of Nursing Global Health Committee (DSON GHC) is a student-led, faculty-supported committee formed to create more opportunity for global health at the School of Nursing.

The DSON GHC aims to:

  • Promote global health activities
  • Collaborate with other student and faculty-led global health committees
  • Raise support/funds for charity and global health projects
  • Encourage awareness of the effects of social and cultural determinants on the health of communities, locally and globally
  • Attain more globally informed knowledge of best practices for nursing care
  • Create opportunities to increase cultural safety among student nurses
  • Encourage a broader understanding of the health implications of preventable infectious disease, locally and globally

Please contact for more information.