Will Zhang, MEng, MASc

How Machine Learning and Queueing Theories can transform the $300B+ new home construction industry

Co-Founder, OpenHouse.ai
Edmonton, Alberta

Date: September 21, 2022
Time: 1:00-2:00 PM
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From Amazon to Netflix, A.I. is powering how consumers discover content, products, and services. This, however, has yet to take place in the home building market. As consumers continue to shift their home search online, A.I. can be used to predict what people need, streamline new home construction operations, and optimize working capital and cash flow by applying stochastic modelling, queueing theories and the latest machine learning techniques.

Speaker Biography:
Will Zhang has over 15 years of experience as a Solutions Architect in Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, and Operations Research. He co-founded Openhouse.ai, focusing on algorithms research and development. Before starting OpenHouse.ai, he held several senior leadership and executive positions in public and private technology companies in both North America and Europe.

Under his leadership, OpenHouse.ai has become a leading data science company for the home building industry. To date, OpenHouse.ai’s Artificial Intelligence technology has been deployed in more than 20 geo-markets in both US and Canada, empowering homebuilders with advanced analytical capabilities and tools to make profit-driven decisions from marketing to operations planning.

Will is also a frequent speaker at national and local seminars and workshops related to Machine Learning and Cloud Technologies. He co-founded the Google Cloud Developer Group in Edmonton, a world-leading developer hub of Reinforcement Learning in Artificial Intelligence. With the support of Google and the technology communities in Alberta, he led and co-hosted the first Google Alberta DevFest in 2020.

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