Graduate Programs

Explore our Graduate Programs

Explore our Graduate Programs

The Graduate program in Industrial Engineering offers a Master of Applied Science (MASc), a Master of Engineering (MEng) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Programs Offered

Master of Applied Science (MASc)

An MASc graduate program consists of not less than 12 credit hours, the graduate seminar, the research methods course and a thesis selected upon the advice of the thesis supervisor.

Type of Program:


2 years

Master of Engineering (MEng)

A coursework degree requiring at least seven courses, one graduate seminar, with the option of a project.

Type of Program:


1-2 years


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

A research degree that usually requires a MASc for admission. It requires at least four courses, two graduate seminars, a comprehensive examination and an original research thesis.

Type of Program:


3-6 years

Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Students entering the Master's program come from a variety of backgrounds, including Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Science and others.

Key Areas of Research

Sustainable supply chain management
Data analytics
Acute stroke treatment & emergency services logistics
Blood services optimization
Maritime risk management & logistics
Industry 4.0
Operational Excellence

Research Groups & Labs


Sustainable Production, Analytics and Remanufacturing Exploration (SPARX)

Maritime Risk and Safety (MARS)

Health Care Operations Research (HCOR)

Student Testimonials

Our students share their Industrial Engineering experiences.