Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a research degree and usually requires a MASc for admission. It requires at least four courses, two graduate seminars, a comprehensive examination and an original research thesis.

Doctoral candidates are not admitted without appropriate funding to support the student and the program of research.

Program Requirements

The PhD Degree requires four courses if a candidate already has a research Master’s degree; otherwise, it requires 8 courses. An original research thesis is also required.

No undergraduate courses are allowed for credit in a Doctoral Degree program.

All classes required to meet the degree requirements are considered essential classes and will be so designated by the Supervisory Committee. Any classes taken in excess of the requirements are subject to approval by the supervisor. These classes will appear on the student’s transcript as regular classes.

All PhD candidates must pass an oral examination of his/her thesis project after it has been submitted in satisfactory form, and in accordance with the Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations.

Thesis Requirement

The thesis shall consist of an original investigation or design carried out under the immediate supervision of a member of the Faculty of Engineering who is also a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

A candidate will be required, as a major part of the program, to submit a satisfactory thesis embodying the results of original scholarship and independent research. See Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations for information pertaining to doctoral theses.

Program Length

The PhD program typically takes three to five years to complete. 

Admission Requirements

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