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2022 Ocean of Data Challenge Award Winner

We are please to announce that Tanmoy Das, Ph.D. candidate in the Maritime Risk and Safety Research (MARS) group, has secured 2nd position in the Data Challenge. 

From May 2-20, the Halifax Port Authority, PSA Halifax, the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE), and DeepSense, hosted a free Ocean of Data Challenge. This was an opportunity for post-secondary students to create a prototype of some kind that could range from a technology solution, a visualization, an infographic, or an overall plan to address how being a One Port City makes Halifax a more efficient and sustainable port. 

Tanmoy's project "Data Analytics: Visualizing Truck Delays in Halifax Port" looked at the problem, is truck delay independent on day or time of day? Using data analytics, it is visualized that delays are independent of months of year or days of week. However, there is a strong correlations between different parts of the day & the delay. The late-afternoon delays are higher than morning or evening ones.

Kudos to Tanmoy Das and their supervisor, Dr. Floris Goerlandt. Check out Tanmoy's Linkedin blog for additional information on the winning project.

2022 IISE Outstanding Senior Design Project Competition Winner

The IE group of Connor Newman, Catie Shaw, Justin Wright, and Matthew Laforest, were very honored to represent Dalhousie University and Canada in the Outstanding Senior Design Project Competition at the IISE Conference in Seattle. It was a great opportunity to attend a conference with likeminded people from different countries. While at the conference, the project impressed judges and other attendees. An aspect of the project that differentiated the group from other students was their implementation plan and scenario planning. These project components ensured a smooth transition of the solution to the client and that the solution would be sustainable. Congratuations to all team members!

2022 President's Graduate Student Teaching Award

Luana Almeida is a Ph.D. candidate in the Maritime Risk and Safety Research (MARS) group and graduate repsentative in the Department of Industrial Engineering. We are pleased to annouce she is 1 of 4 recipients of the 2022 President's Graduate/Undergraduate Student Teaching Award. Please check out the article here. Congrats Luana!

Capstone Project Brings Joy to Local Music Studio

Please check out the DAL News article, to read more about this great senior year Capstone Project which solved real world problem for a local industry partner. Congrats to recent graduates, Jeffery Walton, Kirk Drabble, Arman Atbaei, and Peter Droban!

2022 Top-Co-op-Student-of-the-Year 

We are pleased to announce that Emma Leeshanok, a 5th year Industrial Engineering student, has won the award for Top-Co-op-Student-of-the-Year in 2022 for the Faculty of Engineering.  This award recognizes a senior undergraduate student who demonstrated outstanding commitment and achievement in their work integrated learning journey. 

Participant’s Choice Poster Competition Winners

At MEOPAR’s Annual Scientific Meeting 2022, MARS Masters students Lauryne Rodrigues and Talah Al Sharkawi won 1st and 2nd place respectively in the Participant’s Choice Poster Competition. Kudos to them and their supervisor, Dr. Floris Goerlandt.

2021 IE Awards & Recognition Ceremony

Please check out our new YouTube channel to view the IE Awards & Recognition Ceremony for the graduating class of 2021!

2020 Dalhousie Legacy Awards

Please join us on congratulating Noreen Kamal and Floris Goerlandt on being  recipients of the 2020 Dalhousie Legacy Awards.

Research Chair position in AI / Supply Chain

The Faculty of Computer Science and Department of Industrial Engineering at Dalhousie University, in partnership with the SCALE AI Research Supercluster, invite applications for a tenure-stream or tenured Chair position in Artificial Intelligence and Logistics. For more information or to appy, please see here.

Heading to Japan for the Summer Olympics

Former IE student Jacob Saunders, Olympic sailor, talks about training for the Olymipics. See here.

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