Dr. Izabela Spernaes, PhD, Dr. Joanne Buchanan, MSc and Dr. David Gartner, PhD

Mathematical Modelling Embedded in U.K.’s National Health Service: Challenges and Opportunities

Izabela Spernaes, PhD
National Health Service Wales
Aneurin Bevan University
Health Board

Joanne Buchanan, MSc
National Health Service Wales
Aneurin Bevan University
Health Board

Daniel Gartner, PhD
Cardiff University, School of
Mathematics & National Health
Service Wales Aneurin Bevan University
Health Board

Date: Wednesday 6 April 2022
Time: 13:00 pm to 14:00 pm
Venue: Online Event

Arguably, any group of people have a culture.  This presentation explores the Recent research has highlighted the need to invest in the development of healthcare analytics capability. In this talk, we provide insights of a mathematical modelling unit embedded in UK´s National Health Service (NHS) which hosted several PhD-level mathematicians and lecturers since its inception in 2013. We provide not only an overview about an analytics and modelling academy tailored to the needs of the NHS but also show how the collaboration between Cardiff University and NHS Wales generated significant impact in improving the quality of life and reducing costs.

Speaker Biographies
Izabela Spernaes completed her PhD in operational research in 2013. She then became the lead for the modelling unit in the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, a part of the National Health Service (NHS) in Wales. Her role is to raise the awareness of modelling in the NHS. Izabela has been involved in designing and delivering analytical courses and programmes. Joanne Buchanan, a Physiotherapist with an MSc in Systems Thinking, is working with the Modelling Unit to apply clinical and systems thinking insight to their work streams and developing a virtual version of the Analytics & Modelling Academy Programme. Daniel Gartner´s involvement with NHS Wales has included developing platforms to solve demand and capacity planning problems and user-friendly tools to optimise services such as the transport of pathology specimens. He splits his time equally between the NHS Wales and Cardiff University, School of Mathematics where he is a Professor of Operational Research mentoring and supervising BSc, MSc and PhD students.

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