What can I do with this degree?

Technology is transforming the world. So can you.
Careers in information technology have been identified as among the top five hottest jobs in Canada, and there is a shortage of workers in IT in North America.

That makes this a great time to study applied computer science.
There are far more jobs than there are potential employees, and careers in technology have one of the highest paying salaries for undergrads.

Choosing applied computer science at Dalhousie opens you up to a world of opportunity. 
Computer science affects everything we do and reaches across all sectors and companies. 

This is just a sample of the careers available to you with an Applied Computer Science degree:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Owner
  • Marketing Technologist
  • Data Analyst
  • Entrepreneur
  • Web Developer
  • Digital Health Professional
  • Ocean Data Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Innovation Consultant
  • Technical Consultant

Further your education

Enhance your career options by continuing your studies. An undergraduate degree in Applied Computer Science is a strong foundation for pursuing master’s level degrees, professional degrees and more.

Alumni spotlight: Sarah Young, BACS '18

“Like business and marketing, computer science is interdisciplinary ... There are so many options available as to how you can learn and apply computer science depending on your interests, and they are all connected."- Sarah Young now works at IBM as an IT and business specialist. Keep reading.

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