FAQ ‑ Profession

What kinds of work does a professional architect do?

A professional architect may participate in a wide range of design activities, depending on his/her areas of interest and expertise: from furnishings and house designs to public buildings and communities; from technical details and material innovation to spatial organization and urban design; and from historic restoration and adaptation to new buildings and hypothetical projects. A concise description is available from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

How long does it take to become a registered architect?

The total is about nine years. This includes two prerequisite years of university, four years at the School of Architecture, and three years of internship (working in an architectural office and preparing for professional examinations). 

What are the employment prospects for graduates?

Most Dalhousie graduates are working in architectural offices across Canada and the United States, where employment opportunities have been plentiful in recent years. 

Is Dalhousie University's architecture program fully accredited?

Yes, in 2015 the Master of Architecture program received full six-year accreditation by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board.

What are the backgrounds and research areas of the faculty members in the School of Architecture?

Please refer to the Faculty Research page.