Undergraduate Application

A complete application consists of six or seven items. Two are sent to the Registrar's Office and the rest are sent to the School of Architecture. For students who have not yet studied architecture, all application items must be received by March 1. (For students who have already completed some university-level architecture courses or a university pre-professional architecture degree, please refer to the Transfer Architecture Students page.)

1. Items to send to the Registrar's Office

Registrar's Office, Dalhousie University
1459 Oxford Street, Box 15000
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

a) Undergraduate application

Please apply online.

b) Application fee

The fee is $70. There are several payment options.

2. Items to send to the School of Architecture

School of Architecture, Dalhousie University
5410 Spring Garden Road, Box 15000
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2
(for courier deliveries, the phone number is 902-494-3971)

(Applicants are responsible for all shipping costs, including postage, courier delivery, and customs fees. To avoid unnecessary customs fees for international shipments, describe the package contents as "documents" and do not record a dollar value. For delivery reference, include 902-494-3971 on the shipment documentation.)

a) Official academic transcript from each post-secondary institution you have attended

Please arrange for your previous institution to send two copies of your transcript directly to the School of Architecture. Transcripts from outside Canada that are in a language other than English must be translated into English by the institution. Independent test scores (e.g., SAT, GRE) are not required.

b) Portfolio of design work (about 10–15 items)

The portfolio is intended to demonstrate your creativity and/or artistic skill. It may include free-hand sketches, precision drawings, paintings, furniture, sculpture, craft objects, creative photography, construction projects, etc. Items should be submitted as high-quality prints and/or photographs, bound into a booklet or binder with your name on the front. For any collaborative projects, a list of the team members and a description of your role must be included. This portfolio will not be returned, so please do not submit originals or an expensive portfolio case.

c) Statement of intent

In this letter to the Admissions Committee, please describe your interest in architecture and in the program at Dalhousie. The letter may also mention your aspirations, interests, travel, activities, etc. Please include your résumé, too.

d) Two letters of reference

At least one letter should be from an academic instructor, preferably at university level. A referee may submit a Word form (tinyurl.com/h6y8a7q), a PDF form (tinyurl.com/gpzv962), or a letter. It may be submitted by mail to the School of Architecture, by fax to 902-423-6672, or as an e-mail attachment to arch.office@dal.ca. To be valid, it must be signed by the referee.

e) Evidence of English language proficiency (if required)

Because the BEDS program typically leads to the MArch program, the BEDS English requirement is the same as for graduate admission. If your first language is not English, an official test result must be submitted. The requirement is IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL 92 iBT. Completion of Dalhousie's College of Continuing Education EAP Level 2 course with a grade of A– or higher is also acceptable. If you have completed a degree at an English-language university, this requirement may be waived.

Confirming that Items have been Received

To confirm that the items in section 1 have been received, e-mail the Registrar's Office at admissions@dal.ca, phone (902) 494-2450, or fax (902) 494-1630.

The Architecture office will send you a confirmation e-mail only when all of the required items have been received, indicating that your application is complete. If you have not received confirmation two weeks after submitting your final item, please e-mail the Architecture office at arch.office@dal.ca or phone (902) 494-3971. (Please disregard the Registrar's online record of items received.)

Graduate Applications

Please refer to the Graduate Application page.