Why Study Architecture?

Architecture is a challenging, well-rounded discipline. By studying architecture, students develop their artistic skill, knowledge of history and technology, social and cultural awareness, and critical imagination.

Architecture is both an ancient discipline and an innovative activity. It draws one's attention to how humans have been dwelling in the world for thousands of years, as demonstrated in their buildings and cities. It also participates at the forefronts of contemporary life, alongside current developments in culture, technology, and the environment.

Designing is a major part of architecture that combines academic study and creative imagination. Architectural design typically involves drawing and model-making, by hand or with a computer. At times it may also involve on-site construction with full-scale materials.

A professional architect may participate in a wide range of design activities, depending on his/her areas of interest and expertise: from furnishings and house designs to public buildings and communities; from technical details and material innovation to spatial organization and urban design; and from historic restoration and adaptation to new buildings and theoretical projects.