Studying Here

Why Study Architecture at Dalhousie?

Dalhousie's professional architecture program is a compact program (three years, eight months) that recognizes a student's previous undergraduate studies and leads to a master's degree. The program is fully accredited, and its integration of academic and professional experience is highly valued in the architectural field. Co-op work terms provide students with income and opportunities to live and work in Canada and abroad. The tuition fees are competitive in Canada. American students may find them more affordable than at comparable universities in the United States. American students can study architecture at Dalhousie and return to the United States with a recognized professional degree. The School of Architecture enjoys an international reputation, with graduates working in many places around the world.

The school is committed to be a safe place for all people to study and explore architecture, regardless of race, creed, age, physical ability, cultural background, gender identity, or sexual orientation. The student body is diverse and mature, and students participate in all aspects of school life.

Why Come to Halifax?

As a historic port city on the Atlantic Ocean, Halifax has diversity and character. It's a vibrant city with a relaxed pace. Distances are walkable and walking is enjoyable. The School of Architecture occupies a prime location in the centre of Halifax, in a historic building within easy walking distance from all urban amenities. Outside the city, the coastal towns and landscapes of Nova Scotia are famous as tourist destinations, with many recreation options available.

Halifax has six universities and architecture students may take elective courses at all of them. Dalhousie University is the largest university in Atlantic Canada, with a comprehensive range of disciplines. As the academic, political, and economic heart of the region, Halifax has a population of 400,000, with the same level of amenities as larger cities but a lower cost of living. Direct flights are available to many cities in North America and Europe.