FAQ ‑ Financial

What is the tuition fee?

Please refer to the Fees and Expenses page.

Are entrance scholarships available for the BEDS program?

Yes. BEDS applicants are considered for a few partial scholarships. Application forms are sent to applicants with a 3.70 GPA (A– average) or higher; however, students should expect to finance their architectural education through personal funds and/or student loans.

Are entrance scholarships available for the MArch program?

Yes. An MArch applicant with an excellent academic record (minimum 3.70 GPA or A– average) may be eligible for a partial tuition scholarship. Some course assistantships are available but do not provide a major source of funding.

Is it possible to maintain a part-time job while studying in the architecture program?

Probably not. The architecture program is demanding, and students tend to work in the studio on evenings and weekends. For financial advice, see the School of Architecture's Financial Tips page.

What is the cost of living like in Halifax?

It's comparable to other small Canadian cities, and substantially lower than larger cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Boston, and London. The university recommends a budget of $5,050 (Canadian) for accommodation, living expenses, and academic supplies during each academic term.