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How many courses are needed to fulfil the two-year university requirement for the BEDS program?

At most universities, you would need twenty half-year courses or ten full-year courses (or a combination).

Is a two-year diploma or a degree from a community college or an institute of technology sufficient for admission?

No. You would also need a year of courses at a university.

Can I apply if I have slightly less than two full years or if I have not yet completed all of the prerequisite courses?

Yes. You may be able to complete any remaining courses before beginning the BEDS program in September. Admission would be conditional on passing those courses and submitting a final transcript.

Can a student from the United States study architecture at Dalhousie University?

Yes. An American citizen who graduates from Dalhousie's MArch program can become an architectural intern in the United States and complete the examination for professional registration there.

Can a student from overseas study architecture at Dalhousie University and return to his/her home country to become an architectural intern and a registered architect?

Yes. For details, contact your national architectural organization.

Which subjects should I take in university to prepare for admission to the architecture program?

Many different subjects provide a good basis for architectural studies. No particular program at Dalhousie or elsewhere is a preferred foundation for the BEDS program. Instead, we recommend that you work toward an undergraduate degree in a subject area in which you are liable to do well. Depending on your interests and academic strengths, you may decide to major in a subject such as art, anthropology, engineering, geography, history, mathematics, music, philosophy, or physics. Please check the Undergraduate Admission Requirements page for particular course requirements. To prepare for studio work, all applicants are advised to take a course in freehand drawing and/or craft (e.g., wood, metal, or ceramics).

How can I find out if a particular course satisfies one of the three prerequisites?

Copy the course description from your university calendar and e-mail it to the Architecture office at arch.office@dal.ca. We'll review it and send you a response. A humanities or social science course cannot be language instruction or technical instruction; your previous university may recognize it as a humanities course but the School of Architecture may not.

If my average is lower than B–, can I still be admitted?

It's possible. An excellent design portfolio may compensate for an academic record that is slightly lower than B–. If your grades in first year were low but then improved substantially, this will also be considered; however, keep in mind that admission is competitive.

Which English proficiency tests are acceptable for BEDS admission?
Because the BEDS program typically leads to the Master of Architecture program, the School of Architecture uses the English standards of the Faculty of Graduate Studies for admission to both programs: e.g., IELTS 7.0, TOEFL iBT 92. Another option is to take the EAP (English for Academic Purposes) Level 2 course at Dalhousie's College of Continuing Education and receive a grade of at least A-. A certificate from a language school (e.g., East Coast Language College, CLLC, Niagara College, and International Language Institute) is not acceptable for BEDS or MArch admission. A letter from a teacher or employer also is not acceptable.

English is not my first language but I've studied at an English-language university for two years. Can the English test score be waived?
No, you must submit an English test score. The English requirement may be waived only if you have completed a full undergraduate degree, depending on whether the subjects you studied included substantial demands on reading and writing.

When does the English language requirement need to be completed?
Your test score (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) must be submitted with the rest of your BEDS application by March 1. Please plan accordingly. 

What does "mature student" status mean?
If you will be 25 or older at the time of registration and have not completed all of the prerequisites for BEDS admission, you may be considered for admission based on alternate qualifications. However, simply being older is not a qualification; equivalent abilities are expected. As the BEDS program begins at third-year university level, all mature students must have completed at least one full year (ten half-year courses) at a university.