Take an Open Course

All university students are welcome to take an introductory course in architecture or planning to broaden their understanding of buildings, cities, and the physical environment. Classes are held in the Medjuck Architecture Building (5410 Spring Garden Road at Brunswick Street) or the nearby A.L. MacDonald Building (in the middle of the Sexton Campus).

ARCH 1000.06 Introduction to Architecture no prerequisite
ARCH 1200.06 Science of the Built Environment no prerequisite
ARCH 2501.03 Graphic Description no prerequisite
ARCH 2502.03 Graphic Analysis no prerequisite
PLAN 1001.03 Introduction to Community Design 1 no prerequisite
PLAN 1002.03 Introduction to Community Design 2 prerequisite
PLAN 3025.03 Representation in Design prerequisite
PLAN 3051.03 Topics in Community Design no prerequisite
PLAN 5051.03 Topics in Community Design no prerequisite
PLAN 3060.03 Quantitative Methods for Planners high school prereq.