Registration for Incoming BEDS Students

  1. To reserve your place in the BEDS program and enable registration, go to Student Accounts to pay the $200 admission deposit. This can be done with an online payment. Wait four weekdays for your payment to be processed.
  2. Refer to your acceptance letter to find your Dalhousie ID (B0xxxxxxx), then look up your NetID username and create your password. Write them down; you'll need them later.
  3. Go to Dal Online and log in with your NetID and password. Register for these courses individually.
    For 2024/2025 Fall, select:
    • ARCH 3001
    • ARCH 3106, section 1
    • ARCH 3207
    • ARCH 3301
    • ARCH 3501
    For 2024/2025 Winter, select:
    • ARCH 3002
    • ARCH 3107, section 1
    • ARCH 3208
    • ARCH 3302
    • ARCH 3502
    • ARCH 8890
  4. Go back and click on "Registration Fee Assessment" to find out your fees. You can pay your fees online.

Registration for Returning Students

All registration is done at Dal Online. Please note the deadlines for registration and late registration (with a late fee).

Full-time and Part-time Status

To be considered a full-time student by the university (and for interest-free status on government student loans), you must be registered for at least 9 credit-hours of courses in a term. There are two exceptions:

  1. Students who are registered for ARCH 8892 (BEDS work term), ARCH 5308 or ARCH 5309 (MArch work term) are considered full-time. Students who are registered for ARCH 5310 (MArch work term continuation) are part-time.
  2. Students who have completed all MArch course requirements except Thesis and are registered for ARCH 9009 can choose to be classified as full-time by notifying Architecture's graduate coordinator at least a month before the term begins. Full-time incidental fees are approximately $400 higher but full-time status may have advantages by postponing student loan repayments.

During these two exceptional periods, if you need a letter from the university, stating that you are a full-time student, don't download an automated "confirmation of enrolment" from Dal Online, as it would say you are part-time. Instead, request a manual letter from the Registrar's Office by downloading a Request for Letter of Confirmation and following the instructions at the bottom of the form. If that doesn't work, contact the Architecture office.

Transfer Credits

A transfer credit exempts students from having to repeat a required course in a subject that they have already studied. If you have completed a course(s) elsewhere that seems equivalent to a BEDS course at Dalhousie, you may apply for a transfer credit. This transfers the credit (but not the grade) to your Dalhousie BEDS program. For a previous course to qualify for transfer credit, the grade must be C or higher.

To apply for a transfer credit, fill out a Transfer Credit Application [PDF] and present it to the instructor after the first class, along with the course outline for the previous course(s). The instructor may need to see additional evidence of the course content, such as your assignments. If the BEDS course expects the subject to be applied in the process of architectural design and/or integrated with subjects in other courses, this will also be considered.

The instructor will make a recommendation and forward the form and the course outline to the Undergraduate Coordinator and the Registrar's Office for approval. If the transfer credit is approved, you should receive an acknowledgement from the university in a week or two. If you were admitted to the BEDS program with exactly two years of university, you must take an extra course before the end of the academic year (April) to compensate for this transfer credit.

Transfer credits are not available for MArch core courses (ARCH 5xxx) or electives (ARCH 6xxx) because a student can select a different course option.

Adding or Dropping a Course

For registration, there are three periods during each term:

  1. Before the deadline to add or drop courses (Week 2 in fall and winter; first day of the term in summer). You can go to Dal Online and do this on your own.
  2. Between that date and the deadline to drop a course with a W grade (approx. Weeks 3–7). BEDS students should refer to the Drop a Course page. MArch students should refer to the Graduate Studies Add or Drop a Course page.
  3. After the last withdrawal date (approx. Week 8), registration is fixed and the instructor must assign a final grade.

For fall and winter deadlines, see the Important Dates page. For summer deadlines, see the "Open Learning Drop Dates" PDF on the Important Dates page. For tuition fee refund percentages, see the Refunds page.

Registration in Graduate Courses

If fewer than six students register for a course offered by an external instructor, the School may cancel the course. To enable the students to select a different course, a waiver of the deadline for adding a course will be arranged.