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Dalhousie Architecture Students Association
School of Architecture, Dalhousie University
5410 Spring Garden Road, Box 15000
Halifax, NS, Canada B3H 4R2
E-mail dasapresidents@gmail.com

DASA is active in all academic committees in the School of Architecture. It also organizes special academic occasions, including the annual lecture series and Parade of Lights float.

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DASA's operation is regulated by its constitution.
DASA is a member of the Canadian Architecture Students Association (CASA).

DASA Executive (Winter 2024)
Position Reps
Co-presidents Vanessa Croft
John Lau
Vice President Ryan Torosantucci
VP Communications (internal)
Breena Chaput
VP Communications (external) Peter Wingo
VP Finance Romina Rouzbeh
B2 class reps Mahmoud Istanbouli
Sawyer Mikkelsen
B5 class reps Camila Lima
Jean Jacobson
M6 class reps Kaitlin Murphy
Myranda Reay
DASA Representatives on Academic Committees (Winter 2024)
Committee Number Level Rep Chair
Faculty of Architecture and Planning 2 BEDS or MArch Bronwen Atkins Austin Parsons
Sophia Hrycak
Faculty of Architecture and Planning - EDI Committee   BEDS or MArch Breena Chaput Roger Mullin
Ben Ernst
David McGonigal
School of Architecture 2 BEDS - B2
Isaac Hoyland Steve Parcell
David McGonigal
2 BEDS - B5 Daniel Choi
Sophie Fitzgerald
2 MArch Kaitlin Murphy
Myranda Reay
Program Committee and MArch Admissions
1 MArch - M5 and M6 Stavros Kondeas James Forren / Steve Parcell
Design Group 1 BEDS or MArch Jacob MacDougall Ted Cavanagh
Christina Garcia
Humanities Group 1 BEDS or MArch Isaac Hoyland Christine Macy
Technology Group 1 BEDS or MArch Peter Wingo Roger Mullin
Professional Practice Group 1 BEDS or MArch Mahmoud Istanbouli
Cristina Verissimo
Myranda Reay
BEDS Admissions 4 BEDS or MArch Bronwen Atkins Steve Parcell
Paige Ketelaars
Camila Lima
Jacob MacDougall
1 MArch Joanna Berton
Year 3 Reviews 1 B5 or M6 Shayna Konashuk James Forren
Year 4 Reviews 1 M6 Myranda Reay James Forren
Other DASA Positions (Winter 2024)
Position Rep
Dalhousie Student Union John Lau
Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students TBA
Nova Scotia Association of Architects Shayna Konashuk
Canadian Architecture Students Association Camila Lima
Kaylee Peters
Olivia Raposo
Safety rep Vanessa Croft
Events planning (sports, activities, liquid lounge, film series) Sabine Abdou
Istvan Krizsan
Sawyer Mikkelsen
Romina Rouzbeh
Rob Tremayne
Studio captains Bronwen Atkins
Katherine MacLeod
Kitchen cleaners Mahmoud Istanbouli
Sam Rad
Lecture series Breena Chaput
Jacob MacDougall
Sawyer Mikkelsen
Social media Daniel Choi
Kira Hubler
Sharepoint Breena Chaput
Vanessa Croft
Website committee Peter Wingo
Course Assistants (Winter 2024)
Course Instructor
ARCH 1002 Introduction to Architecture 2 James Forren Cam Goodyear
Stavros Kondeas
Will McInnes
Jordan Okello
ARCH 2502 Design Communication 2 Ken Kam Katherine MacLeod
ARCH 3107 Ancient Settlements, Buildings, and Landscapes Michael Faciejew Joanna Berton
Curtis Gee
Kaitlin Murphy
Myranda Reay
ARCH 3208 Building Technology     Eric Stotts Calie De Joseph
Jordan Gallant
Tai Nguyen
ARCH 3502 Representation Jonathan Mandeville Adam McGathey
Daniel Robertson
ARCH 4113 Architectural Theory and Interpretation Steve Parcell Vanessa Parodi
Aeron Regalado
Marcus Van Vliet
ARCH 4502 Representation Elizabeth Powell Logan Hawkes
Calum Molitor-Dyer
Lab Assistants (Winter 2024)
Position Supervisor Assistant
Director's assistant James Forren Harris Georgakopoulos Tolis
Computer Help Desk Emanuel Jannasch Hend Assaf
Daniel Choi
Digital Lab Ken Kam Camila Lima
John Lau
Wet Lab Emanuel Jannasch Sabine Abdou


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