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Dalhousie Architecture Students Association
School of Architecture, Dalhousie University
5410 Spring Garden Road, Box 15000
Halifax, NS, Canada B3H 4R2
Phone 902-494-6115
Fax 902-423-6672
E-mail dasapresidents@gmail.com

DASA is active in all academic committees in the School of Architecture. It also organizes special academic occasions, including the annual lecture series and Parade of Lights float.

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DASA's operation is regulated by its constitution.
DASA is a member of the Canadian Architecture Students Association (CASA).

DASA Executive (Fall 2018)
Position Reps
Co-presidents Karen Mills
Caleb McGinn
Vice President Hande Ersoy
VP Communications Larissa Korol
VP Finance Matt Card
B1 class reps Julien LeBlanc
Adria Maynard
M2 class reps Valerie Chang
M5 class reps Jillian Ellis
DASA Representatives on Academic Committees (Fall 2018)
Committee Number Level Rep Chair
Faculty of Architecture and Planning
BEDS Year 3 Colleen Briand Eric Rapaport
BEDS Year 4 n/a
MArch Laura Keays
School of Architecture 2 B1 Clair Fromme Emanuel Jannasch
Fraser Van Iderstine
2 M2
2 M5 Kelly Cameron
Jillian Ellis
Program Committee 1 M5 Liam Guitard Diogo Burnay
Design Group 1 BEDS or MArch Celina Abba Catherine Venart
Humanities Group 1 BEDS or MArch Andrea St. James Sarah Bonnemaison
Technology Group 1 BEDS or MArch Jen Frail Roger Mullin
Professional Practice Group 1 BEDS or MArch Katie Gillighan Benjie Nycum
Other DASA Positions (Fall 2018)
Position Rep
Dalhousie Student Union TBA
Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students TBA
Nova Scotia Association of Architects Brad Farrish
Canadian Architecture Students Association Katie Kirkpatrick
Lecture series Jacob Kalinowski
Student store Kenzie Dockrill
Safety rep Andrew Falls
Sports and activities Carlos Lopez
Liquid lounge Kenzie Dockrill, Jen Frail, Clair Fromme, Katie Gillighan, Larissa Korol, Adria Maynard, Laure Nolte, Vienna Pouliot
Kitchen cleaner Jen Frail
Film series Celina Abba, Caleb McGinn
Computer advising committee Makenzie Ramadan
Website committee Makenzie Ramadan
Equality in Architecture Morgan Kerber, Stavros Kondeas, Laure Nolte
Course Assistants (Fall 2018)
Course Instructor
ARCH 1000
Introduction to Architecture Peter Henry Anita Pop
ARCH 2501
Graphic Description Ken Kam Alejandro Adriazola
Liam Guitard
ARCH 3106
Ancient Settlements, Buildings, and Landscapes Elizabeth Loeffler Megan Burt
Katie Kirkpatrick
Ellen Penner
Greg Urquhart
ARCH 3207 Building Technology Emanuel Jannasch Bilal Khan
Jeff Walker
Rachel Wong
ARCH 3302, 4304, 5311 Professional Practice (winter) Joanne Firth (coordinator) Courtney Ho
ARCH 3501 Representation Leon Katsepontes
Charles Freeman
Computer Help Desk (Fall 2018)
Assistant Studio Space Hours Software
Shyniaya Duffy
47 Monday all day, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday 3–6, Friday morning Photoshop, InDesign, SketchUp, Revit, Rhino, AutoCAD, MS Office, Google Suite
Sebastien Sarrazin
38 Monday morning, Wednesday all day, Thursday afternoon, Friday morning
Rhino, Grasshopper, VectorWorks, SketchUp, Revit, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, Audition, AutoCAD, MS Office, Google Suite
Lab Assistants (Fall 2018)
Position Supervisor Assistant
Director's assistant Diogo Burnay Jacob Kalinowski
Tech Team
Ken Kam Preston Stronach
Marcel Tarnogorski
Andrew Tomchyshyn
Digital Imaging Ken Kam Jillian Ellis
Karen Mills
Wood Shop Regan Southcott Andrew Falls
Matt MacKay-Lyons
Caleb McGinn


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