Year‑end Reviews

Because architecture is an integrated discipline that requires abilities in various subject areas (design, representation, humanities, technology, and professional practice), promotion to Year 4 and BEDS graduation are important benchmarks in the professional architecture program. A year-end review committee with broad representation considers every student's academic progress at the end of Year 3 and Year 4 by reviewing grades and design portfolios. The committee consists of the director, four faculty representatives from the teaching groups, a senior student representative appointed by DASA, and an external examiner. Its decisions on promotion and graduation are reported to the School of Architecture.

In addition to reviewing the performance of individual students, the committee considers the content and standards of the BEDS program each year. To help consider the program in a national and international context, the committee includes an external examiner with broad architectural experience from outside the School.

Year 3 and Year 4 Reviews

For portfolio guidelines and expectations, refer to:

Year 5 Review

To be eligible for promotion to Year 6 (thesis year) in the MArch program, all Year 5 requirements must be completed. The Architecture office conducts a Year 5 review by checking each student's file and academic record.