School Procedures


Blank forms are available from the slots at the front of the Architecture office. Help yourself. These PDFs are available online:


Whenever you change your address or phone number, please submit an Address form to the office.

Computer Account

To register for a university computer account, obtain your Dalhousie NetID and activate your Dalhousie email address.

Booking Rooms

All rooms in the Architecture building are reserved for classes and cannot be used as overflow studio space. If you wish to use a room temporarily during the day, when no classes are scheduled, ask someone in the Architecture office to reserve it for you on the university's Campus Bookings site. A signup list for students may be posted on the door of the West Seminar Room (2107) for times when it's not needed for classes.

Building Repairs

Please report building problems to Susanna: For after-hours problems (including heating), contact Security (902-494-6400), who will then contact Facilities Management.

Part-time Work

Some part-time work for students is available in the school: lab assistants, resource centre assistants, exhibition installers, research assistants, etc. If you're interested, keep an eye on the bulletin board or submit your name to the Architecture office.

Student Assistant - Hours Worked

If you have a position as a student assistant, you'll need to report the hours you worked that week. Please download a Student Assistant - Hours Worked form [PDF], fill it in electronically, and submit it to the Architecture office on Wednesday.