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Course Outlines

Summer 2018

Course Title Instructor
BEDS - B3 Term
ARCH 4003 Design Diogo Burnay, Jane Abbott, Tom Evans, Peter Henry, Chad Jamieson, Emanuel Jannasch
ARCH 4004 Free Lab Emanuel Jannasch et al
ARCH 4112 Architectural History and Theory - 20th Century to the Present Elisa Dainese
ARCH 4211 Building Systems Interface Emanuel Jannasch, Amber Kilborn, Eric Stotts
ARCH 4303 Professional Practice Benjie Nycum
ARCH 4501 Representation Leon Katsepontes
MArch - M1 Term - Co-requisite Courses 1
ARCH 5007 Landscape Studio Roger Mullin
ARCH 5198 Humanities Seminar Roger Mullin
ARCH 5212 From Principle to Detail Roger Mullin
MArch - M1 Term - Co-requisite Courses 2
ARCH 5011 Coastal Studio Ted Cavanagh
ARCH 5113 Technology, Culture, and Society Ted Cavanagh
ARCH 5218 Site and Material Processes Ted Cavanagh
ARCH 6002 Free Lab Ted Cavanagh
MArch - M1 Term - Co-requisite Courses 3
ARCH 5013, section 1 Design-Build Studio James Forren
ARCH 5217 Innovation in Computers and Buliding
James Forren
MArch - M1 Term - Co-requisite Courses 4
ARCH 5010 Public Architecture Studio Talbot Sweetapple
ARCH 5219 Technology of Heritage Conservation Austin Parsons
MArch - M1 Term - Humanities Courses
ARCH 5114 Theory of Conservation Practice Jeffrey Reed
ARCH 5115 Post-Colonial Culture, Architecture, and Urbanism Elisa Dainese
MArch - M1 Term - Elective
ARCH 6002 Free Lab Emanuel Jannasch et al
MArch - M6 Term
ARCH 9009 MArch Thesis Continuation Diogo Burnay et al