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Course Outlines

Fall 2018

Course Title Instructor
Non-degree Courses
ARCH 1000XY Introduction to Architecture
Peter Henry
ARCH 1200XY Science of the Built Environment
Douglas Pitcairn
ARCH 2501 Graphic Description
Ken Kam
BEDS - B1 Term
B1 schedule for Fall 2018 (revised)
ARCH 3001 Design Christine Macy, Peter Braithwaite, Chad Jamieson, Amber Kilborn, Talbot Sweetapple, Cristina Verissimo
ARCH 3106 Ancient Settlements, Buildings, and Landscapes Elizabeth Loeffler
ARCH 3207 Building Technology Emanuel Jannasch
ARCH 3301 Professional Practice Susan Fitzgerald
ARCH 3501 Representation Leon Katsepontes
BEDS - B4 work term
ARCH 8892 Professional Practice: Co-op Work Term Benjie Nycum
MArch - M2 Term - Design Courses
ARCH 5004, section 1 Urban Systems Studio Catherine Venart
ARCH 5004, section 2 Urban Systems Studio
Susan Fitzgerald
ARCH 5004, section 3 Urban Systems Studio
Brian Lilley
MArch - M2 Term - Humanities Courses
ARCH 5106
International Sustainable Development
Ramzi Kawar
ARCH 5110 Architectural Exhibitions
Sarah Bonnemaison
ARCH 5199, section 1 Humanities Seminar: Actor Network Theory Ted Cavanagh
ARCH 5199, section 2 Humanities Seminar: Delta Urbanism Catherine Venart
MArch - M2 Term - Technology Courses
ARCH 5213 Facades Danny Goodz
ARCH 5220 Adaptive Re-use Austin Parsons
ARCH 5221
Building Systems Design Emanuel Jannasch
MArch - M2-only Elective
ARCH 6510, section 2 Architectural Documentation and Analysis Susan Fitzgerald
MArch - M5-only Elective
ARCH 6121 Architecture and Archaeoastronomy Patrick Kelly
MArch - M2-M5 Electives
ARCH 6122 Humanities Seminar: Interpretation Steve Parcell
ARCH 6304 Entrepreneurship John Crace
ARCH 6503
Photography in Architecture Ken Kam
MArch - M5 Term
ARCH 9012 MArch Thesis I Sarah Bonnemaison, Ted Cavanagh, Brian Lilley, Jonathan Mandeville, Catherine Venart, Cristina Verissimo