Course Outlines

Winter 2023

Course Title Instructor
Non-degree Courses
ARCH 1002
Introduction to Architecture 2
James Forren
ARCH 1202
Science of the Built Environment 2
Douglas Pitcairn
ARCH 2502
Design Communication 2
Ken Kam
BEDS - B2 Term
ARCH 3002 Design Niall Savage
ARCH 3107 Modern Settlements, Buildings, and Landscapes
Christine Macy
ARCH 3208
Building Technology Roger Mullin
ARCH 3302 Professional Practice Michael Putman
ARCH 3502 Representation Jonathan Mandeville
ARCH 8890 Co-op Orientation Veronica Ennett
BEDS - B5 Term
ARCH 4005 Design Talbot Sweetapple
ARCH 4113
Architectural Theory and Interpretation Steve Parcell
ARCH 4212
Building Systems Integration
Austin Parsons
ARCH 4304
Professional Practice
Susan Fitzgerald
ARCH 4502 Representation
Elizabeth Powell
MArch - M3-M4 Work Term
ARCH 5308-5309
Professional Practice: Co-op Work Term
Brian Lilley
MArch - M6 Term
ARCH 5311 Professional Practice Talbot Sweetapple
ARCH 9013 MArch Thesis II Sarah Bonnemaison et al
MArch - Electives
ARCH 5210 Life Cycle Analysis
Austin Parsons
ARCH 6504 Montage in Architecture Ken Kam