Sexualized Violence Policy

Dalhousie University's Sexualized Violence Policy

The Sexualized Violence Policy is a comprehensive policy that outlines Dalhousie University's official process in supporting disclosures and reports of sexualized violence.

The purpose of this Policy is three-fold:
1. To prevent sexualized violence by indicating the seriousness with which the University views and responds to this issue;
2. To be educational, in that its existence will increase awareness of the impacts of sexualized violence and of options, resources and services available to those who have experienced sexualized violence and members of University community generally; and
3. To provide timely, coordinated, consistent and fair response to disclosures and reports of sexualized violence.

The policy can be found here

Sexualized Violence Policy Summary

The summary of the policy can be found here. Although the summary provides a lot of important information, the Policy, above, is the official document that all processes will follow. 

The summary can be found translated in Arabic here.

The summary can also be found translated in Mandarin here.