Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

A framework for a diverse and inclusive Dalhousie

Strategic Priority 5.2 – Foster a collegial culture grounded in diversity and inclusiveness

Inclusiveness and diversity are inherent in Dalhousie's strategic plan. Dalhousie’s excellence will depend on whose faces, perspectives and histories are reflected in our workplaces, classrooms and research, by the accessibility of our infrastructure and supports and by the strength of our relationships.

In Diversity’s Promise for Higher Education (2015), professor emerita of education and psychology at Claremont Graduate University, Daryl G. Smith states, "Diversity is a powerful agent of change. Indeed, diversity is an imperative that must be embraced if colleges and universities are to be successful in a pluralistic and interconnected world."

This framework draws on Smith’s work. The framework seeks to create a targeted and sustainable mechanism to achieve Dalhousie’s diversity goals by ensuring that efforts are spread intentionally over four broad categories of activity:

  1. Climate and Intergroup Relations
  2. Student Access & Success
  3. Education and Research
  4. Institutional Viability and Vitality

Also included under Strategic Priority 5.2 is the work that is unique to Dalhousie’s responsibilities to Indigenous people, both within our community of students, staff and faculty and within Nova Scotia, where we enjoy the privilege to pursue our institutional mission. Dalhousie’s Indigenous Plan has been separately developed and is progressing as a separate project with significant leadership from Dalhousie’s Indigenous colleagues.

Goal 1: Climate and Intergroup Relations

Dalhousie University will foster a systemic, intentional, and holistic approach to diversity and inclusiveness to ensure welcoming, respectful and inclusive communities, and campuses.
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Goal 2: Student Access and Success

Dalhousie University will engage in strategic activities to admit, engage, support and graduate a diverse student body, with attention to enhancing access and success of historically under-represented students.
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Goal 3: Education and Research

Dalhousie University will promote teaching and research about diversity and inclusiveness. In addition, Dalhousie University will promote the inclusion of diverse perspectives across all disciplines.
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Goal 4: Institutional Viability and Vitality

Dalhousie University will build institutional capacity for diversity and inclusiveness through:

  • Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce with emphasis on historically underrepresented groups.
  • Integrating diversity, inclusiveness and equity goals into systems, structures, policies and practices.
  • Regularly monitoring, assessing and reporting diversity and inclusiveness performance metrics.

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